SMS Phone Integration Blog

We have now developed an integration into an SMS platform that will allow you to send automatic SMS notifications. 

By integrating automated SMS notifications directly into CartonCloud you can:

  • Send an automated SMS the day before a Consignment is scheduled to be delivered;
  • Send an automated SMS when a Consignment’s status is updated (e.g. marked ‘In Transit’);
  • Send another automated SMS when the consignment is delivered, then email the POD directly to a selected email address.

In addition, we can customise the SMS message to provide more detail to the receiver. For example,

“Your order C212142 from Oxenford Winery is out for delivery today.”

How do I set it up?

All you need to do is create an account with the SMS platform (Twilio) and we simply integrate it with your CartonCloud account, then set up rules around when you would like messages to be sent.

Our integrations team will guide you through the setup process. Once completed, your notifications will go out displaying the information you want at the time you need. 

Keeping your Customers informed

Automated SMS notifications are a great way to level up your customer service, increasing transparency, and communication. It may also open up new customers or tenders to your operation. 

By keeping receivers updated they are more likely to be ready to take delivery the moment your driver arrives. This results in a smoother delivery process for all parties, saving your drivers time and your operation money. 

Regular customers will grow accustomed to the automated updates, reducing their need to contact your administration staff - another time and cost-saving.

Available now

This new functionality is available today. To have automated SMS notifications set up on your CartonCloud account, contact our Support Team.


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