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At CartonCloud, we set out to create the most user-friendly warehouse and transport management software available, simplifying complex logistics operations, so our customers can run their businesses with ease. Hear from our team as they discuss how CartonCloud keeps innovation front of mind.  

We believe WMS and TMS software shouldn't need a degree to use.  It should make your life easier, simplified, and allow you to do more, with less. But, what makes software enjoyable to use? The truth is, intuitive software doesn’t just happen. Simplicity is created through extensive thought, tireless testing, and innovative thinking. 

“You shouldn't need a degree in logistics software to use the system, it should just work for you, and simplify your life,” said CartonCloud CEO Vincent Fletcher.

“We wanted to make our software easy for people to use, with features that actually simplify their operations and let them achieve more with their business. 

“We designed the software to be intuitive to use, with the mindset that even companies making the transition from paper processes, who have never used a logistics management system before— should be able to pick it up and go.

"What we found was that with this user-centered approach, we had other logistics companies switching from their existing software and coming on board with CartonCloud — because it was so easy to use, and was designed with their processes and operations in mind.”

Building mission-critical systems

“We’re building mission-critical systems at CartonCloud, so the process is very important for us to ensure we’re developing and releasing products at the highest quality,” CartonCloud Chief Technical Office Kenji Kimura explains. 

CartonCloud’s WMS software is used by over 400 warehouse and transport companies across Canada, the United States, Australia, and the Pacific, with over 23,000 active users each day.

Simplifying the complexity of the logistics industry, by removing manual paperwork, data entry and reporting, building smart and flexible logic around everyday tasks such as charging and invoicing, building accuracy into workflows with barcode scanning, inventory scan-move, and electronic capture of proof of delivery, plus many more features. 

Intuitive design is about understanding your user, their environment, and the outcomes they want — to create a system tailored to their needs. 

CartonCloud Director of Product Management David Dick explains, “with great design, the features, and functionality that make the biggest difference will often go unnoticed— they should just feel… intuitive. 

“Taking the time to research and build an in-depth understanding of our user's working environment, processes and preferences is key to designing intuitive solutions that require little or no training to use."

Mr Dick explained, great software development starts with analyzing what the problem is, what the software sets out to achieve, who the users are, their environmental factors, and the nuances of how they will use it. 

Design principles

“You have to ask what else they are using, how long it will take, does it make sense, does it need internet or wifi to work, does it need to connect with other platforms or user logins, should it have notifications, sound or vibration feedback — and should these still work if the user's device settings are set to silent— and many, many other questions,” he said.

“The user should never have to think about these questions, they shouldn't have to problem-solve as they use the software; it should just feel simple and easy.”

One key area of focus in the digitization of logistics is integrations. Systems need to be able to connect and integrate seamlessly with other service providers that customers may be working with, with security and simplicity of use. 

Customer-centric design

“In everything we do, we have a focus on what we’re delivering for the customer, and the value we provide them,” said CartonCloud Head of Engineering, Andrew Shirzad.

This includes software integrations with end-customer online ordering platforms, accounting software (like Xero, Quickbooks, and MYOB), and other systems they, or their industry partners, are using. CartonCloud has over 10,000 integrations built for customer accounts, allowing seamless data flow between systems, that allow these logistics companies to get on with their day, without the hassle.  

Another feature adding value through ease of use is the mobile application, one of the most user-friendly WMS/TMS mobile apps on the market. 

From the user interface (what you see on your screen) to the complex logic and software functionality under the surface, the CartonCloud mobile app ‘just works’. The features have been designed and developed specifically to ease the pain points of drivers and warehouse personnel, simplify complex tasks, and provide easy access to the information and features they need.

Continuous updates 

“We want to create a stable environment for our customers to use,” Mr Shirzad said.  

“The software is up to date with the latest developments, and adaptable to the future, but we don’t want our customers to be exposed to the day-to-day changes of technologies. On the other hand, we also understand the need to adapt to new technology and see how it affects our product, and what opportunities we have to enhance what we do.”

With continuous updates and the development of new features, the system can grow with you. Users can stay abreast of the latest technical developments in the industry and get the most from new features, without the need to change or replace their system. 

On the surface, it seems simple — it’s effective, easy to use, and feels intuitive. However, to achieve software that is ‘simple’ and intuitive takes time, research, and an innovative team.

Want to know more? 

To learn more about our easy-to-use logistics software, our industry-specific features, or automated workflows, get in touch with our friendly team. To see our software in action and learn about how we can help you simplify your logistics operations, book a free demo today.

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Streamline your logistics operations today

Streamline your logistics operations today
Oct 23, 2023
Nov 7, 2022
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Streamline your logistics operations today

Streamline your logistics operations today