At CartonCloud we are always looking at new ways to improve how our users are interacting with our web and mobile apps. We go out and meet the people that are the end users of the product we put so much effort into developing. Whether it is sending out a mobile app developer to spend a day doing deliveries with a truck driver, or having a quality assurance team member accompany our operations team for a day onsite with a customer - the goal is always to get a better understanding of how our customers (and their customers) use our apps.

As part of this process we are also continuously reviewing the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) our mobile apps provide. The aim is to ensure that our mobile apps are not only appealing to the eye but are also easy to use and straightforward to understand. Ideally we would like someone who has never used CartonCloud before to pick up an iPhone, install the CartonCloud app and immediately be able to use it effectively, without having to read a lengthy manual first.

This is not always easy to achieve as both our Android and iOS app have seen immense growth in functionality that they are now offering (and there’s always more to come!).

For those of you that have been with CartonCloud for a while, this screenshot may look familiar? Oh, so very 2016!


This was before we started introducing warehousing functionality into the mobile apps and just before we started a thorough re-design to make the UI cleaner and more modern.

More recently, we have been working on some further improvements to the UI of the mobile apps, keeping in line with the continuously evolving way that people navigate their mobile devices and the expectations that they have for the apps that they use on a daily basis.

For example, have you noticed the shift from having navigation buttons in the top bar to the bottom bar in many of your favourite apps? A change brought on by many phone screens now becoming too large to be able to operate them easily with one hand if the navigation can only be accessed at the top of the screen.

Over the next few months we will slowly be releasing updates that change the way our mobile apps look, starting with the iOS app. We do not want to overwhelm our users by introducing all the updates in one go but rather work with them to ensure that we can take their feedback on board as we go.

We are excited about the changes that are coming your way and can’t wait to reveal them to you soon!





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