Product Round Up (4)

Here it is! The final CartonCloud New Feature Roundup of the year! To round out the year, we have two new releases this month, enabling discounts for early-leaving warehouse stock, and improved reporting for Sale Orders. 

Welcome to the December CartonCloud New Feature Roundup. 

This month's new features include;

💥 December New Feature Roundup 


⚡Enhanced customization for Sale Order Reports 

This update enhances the functionality of the Sale Order Report, with enhanced accuracy and customization options. Using this new feature, CartonCloud users can now filter orders by 'Dispatched Date', allowing you to gain precise insights into your sales data.

The new Sales Order Report layout 'Dispatched Date' column makes it easier to access and interpret report information, particularly for our WMS-only clients. In addition, this update includes greater columns and template configuration, allowing you to adapt the report to your unique needs. 

For further information on these updates, please check our CartonCloud Help Knowledge Base articles here for CartonCloud administrators, and here for warehouse customers.

⌛ Early-leaving stock discount (previously released in Beta)

This release adds increased customization to warehouse storage billing and Last Month Split Billing features, allowing discounts for early-leaving stock in their final storage month (previously released in Beta only). 

With this update, all CartonCloud tenants can now apply Last Month discounts or combine First and Last Month discounts to offer more competitive pricing to their customers based on storage dates. These settings, adaptable for Per Pallet and Per Location billing methods, are configurable at both organization and customer levels.

For more information on how to use the early-leaving stock discount, visit the CartonCloud Help page for Split Month Billing. To learn more about this change, you can visit the release log article here



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