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Today we’re taking a deeper look at one of CartonCloud’s TMS features; the ability for drivers to add or edit consignment item quantities on consignments allocated to them. 

The ability for drivers to use the mobile app to edit consignments allocated to them is an optional function, and can be turned on or off at a driver or organization level, depending on your operational needs. For some transport operations, the ability for drivers to adjust consignments on the road is essential. 

To understand why, let’s take a look at how shipments and consignments work in action. 

  • In CartonCloud, each shipment is listed on a transport consignment, which is then allocated to a driver for delivery. Once the consignment is allocated to a driver, the driver can view the consignment details, to confirm the correct freight is packed into their truck for dispatch. 
  • The driver can then view the delivery details and optimise their delivery route, using the CartonCloud in-app navigation to complete their delivery run in the most efficient way. 
  • At each delivery, the driver can then record an electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD) through the mobile app, with sign on glass — which is then automatically updated in your TMS, and sent to the customer via email. 

It’s that simple. However, sometimes things change. There are times when changes or edits need to be made on the run, and this is where the add/edit feature comes in. 

Keeping you moving with greater flexibility 

In transport, time is money. Which is why our add/edit consignment item function provides you with greater data accuracy, and improved autonomy to keep your business on the move. With real-time updates between the driver mobile app and the desktop web app, you can maintain visibility over operations, and reduce manual admin required for changes.  

We know things can change. This is why we’ve taken a number of common use cases to define the functionality of the consignment edit feature. 

There may be orders where products at the pick up are not packaged in the same way as the order details on the consignment, and sometimes weight or other measurements must be recorded at the time of pick up. 

Useful Scenarios 

Unexpected changes shouldn’t mean your business stops. If there is a change in the order items after consignment allocation; the quantities are different, or the products are not packed in the same units as they are listed on the consignment, your driver can simply update the consignment item to record exactly what is on the load they collect. Drivers can either add new items to the consignment or edit the details of the existing items. 

Likewise, when transporting bulk loads, it’s important to have the ability to allocate a consignment to a driver with the details of the load, and allow them to enter the exact weight after a weigh-in. In this case, the freight needs to be collected and weighed while they are on the job. In CartonCloud, the consignment can be allocated to a driver, and they can then enter the weight, dimensions and volume of the consignment item, on the go.

Maintaining accuracy with notifications for consignment edits

With greater flexibility, you need greater accuracy, which is why CartonCloud allows you to control who can use the edit consignment item function, and ensures you are notified of any changes drivers make to consignment items.

You can choose to trigger a ‘Consignment Error’ notification on the web app for any time a driver makes a change to the consignment items, to ensure you are aware of the change, and can proactively manage communications with the customer and action any relevant admin activities related to the change.

To find out more about this feature, visit the Knowledge Base add/edit consignment article

Using the CartonCloud Driver mobile app 

The CartonCloud driver app provides a range of useful tools and features for greater autonomy, accuracy, and visibility. 

They can optimize their delivery route based on what’s most efficient for them, including specifying start and end points. For smoother deliveries, driver can send an ETA text to the customer to alert them that their delivery is arriving soon, and record ePODs instantly with sign-on glass, making lost delivery paperwork a thing of the past. 

Allocating consignments to drivers with ease 

Being able to automate consignment orders coming in and having CartonCloud automatically allocating the consignments to a driver can reduce admin overheads by as much as 60%. 

Typically in transport, consignments will be received through manifests or paperwork which has to then be entered into the system or an excel spreadsheet. However, with CartonCloud we use tools called parsers to automatically import manifest and consignment information directly into your system. It’s accurate, fast, and reliable. It also means you and your team can go home on time, with the paperwork taken care of. 

What’s more, cloud-based software acts as your source of truth. If you ever need to pull up details of a certain delivery, 3 months, or even 3 years down the track, you can just use the search for anything bar and CartonCloud will bring up the record.

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Streamline your logistics operations today

Streamline your logistics operations today
Oct 23, 2023
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Streamline your logistics operations today

Streamline your logistics operations today