February 2023 Product update

This month’s updates provide greater oversight of Sales Order Products and statuses within the WMS. We’ve enhanced how Sales Order statuses are displayed from the Sales Order Report, and provided more flexibility in how you sort Sales Order Products on Delivery Notes.

See below for full details of each product update and direct links to the Knowledge Base for more information. 

View Order Status in Sale Order Report 

We’ve made it easier to keep oversight of Sales Order status, providing greater tracking for each of your tenants and simplifying reporting. 

With this update, you can now run reports for Sale Orders at any status; including those in Draft, Rejected, Awaiting Pick and Pack, and Packing in Progress. This provides all CartonCloud users with enhanced visibility over the entire Sale Order life cycle directly from the Report view, simplifying reporting and order tracking. 

To find out more, visit the Sales Order page on our Knowledge Base

Sale order status on report

Sorting Sales Order Products on Delivery Notes 

With this month’s update, you can now select the way you want to sort Sales Order Products on Delivery Notes, to suit your operational workflows. 

The update allows you to control how Sales Order Products are sorted on the Delivery Note by using Document Template Placeholders. With this update, you can now sort Sale Order Products on Delivery Notes by any combination of the following, in ascending or descending order: product code, location, name, product type, description, and quantity. 

To find out more, visit the V2 Document Template Placeholders page on the Knowledge Base.   

(Sorting via Product Code shown below)

Products sorted on CartonCloud delivery note


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