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At CartonCloud, we create powerful warehouse systems with guided onboarding, expert advice, and local support to our customers, to ensure they are getting the most from their WMS software.

We have customers from across the globe, and of all sizes and operations who have grown their businesses with us — and it’s these relationships and success that puts us in the perfect position to help you get the most from your warehouse management system. 

Let’s start with the basics. How does a warehouse management system work? 

A warehouse management system works as the backbone of your warehouse operations, a specially designed software system that automates manual tasks such as data entry and reporting, and allows you to carry out your warehouse workflows with accuracy and efficiency. 

To understand how a warehouse management system works, let's start with some of the key tasks and workflows within a warehouse; 

  • ☑️ Incoming stock and inventory management
  • 📦 Storage locations and stock allocation
  • 📃 Incoming orders
  • 📲 Order pick and pack
  • 🚚 Dispatch for delivery
  • 😄 Team and partnership management
  • 📚 Customer details
  • 💸 Rates, charges, and invoicing. 

Of course, there’s a lot more complexity to warehousing and transport operations, but in order to understand how a warehouse management system works, this is a good place to start. 
Need to backtrack a bit? Find out what is a warehouse management system, or check out how CartonCloud’s warehouse management system works below!

How does a warehouse management system work?

 Warehouse management system (WMS) software is designed to automate tasks, boost accuracy, and allow you to complete and track operations with ease. This starts with your warehouse stock; which may be your own stock — or in the case of a third-party logistics (3PL) operator, what you are storing for your customers. 

📦 ☑️ WMS tracking warehouse stock & inventory management

Whether it’s inventory inside your warehouse, or inventory in delivery vehicles, it’s simply much easier to track and manage with a cloud-based warehouse management system like CartonCloud.  

CartonCloud’s WMS software goes one step further, not only keeping up-to-date records of the stock you have, but also recording storage locations, stock movement and stock history, and providing oversight of incoming stock deliveries, incoming orders, and outgoing shipments for forward planning. 

📃 📲 WMS automating orders & streamlining order picking

The way your warehouse management system works is to automate how your receiving teams can mark inventory locations assigned to unique stock-keeping units and ensure this is updated across the warehouse network within seconds. This reduces the frustration of missing cartons and pallets, as all personnel know exactly where they are. 

CartonCloud’s intuitive cloud-based WMS saves our customers an average of 3 minutes per order with order automation through secure software integrations. How? Simply connect your/ your customers' online store through our secure integrations, and orders are automatically entered into our WMS, ready for picking.

What’s more, with mobile barcode scanning you can simply scan location or item barcodes for faster and more accurate picking. Next, you can boost daily output and accuracy with optimized picking workflows like wave picking and replenishment mode for high-volume orders and frequently picked goods — or task picking to allocate orders with ease. 

😄 🚚 WMS software integrations for end-to-end management 

You may be wondering how does a warehouse management system work for 3PLs to grow their business? One of the most important roles a WMS provides is to digitise your data and operations, allowing you to track orders and inventory, and ensure accuracy at every step.

Cloud-based WMS software like CartonCloud let you digitize your operations and do-away with time consuming and inaccurate paper-based processes. 

CartonCloud is a fully integrated WMS/TMS software system, which means you can integrate and track data and orders seamlessly between the warehouse and transport. Using secure online integrations, you can also link your WMS or TMS seamlessly with partners to outsource delivery or other tasks, while maintaining order accuracy and transparency. 
It can also track freight in delivery trucks and vans in real-time. 

💸 📚 WMS software automates rates & invoicing

One of the biggest drawcards of warehouse management software is how a warehouse management system works to simplify admin and accounting. WMS software can capture all billable rates and charges as you complete orders, with automatic triggers set for automated invoicing

Once again, CartonCloud goes one step further, with automated rates across warehouse and transport, and electronic Proof of Delivery (ePODs) for automated invoicing— saving our customers on average 1 day a week. Many CartonCloud clients love the electronic Proof of Delivery feature, with sign-on-glass and delivery photo upload, you can have the delivery proof uploaded directly to your own secure system within seconds, ready for the invoice to be automatically generated through the system.

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How the best warehouse management systems work

We live and breathe warehouse management optimization through systems. After all, we started CartonCloud when no one was offering such reliability and automation with a design and interface that was actually usable by logistics people on the move. 

We’ve helped many clients who have now come on board, to not only understand how a warehouse management system works, but to roll out a custom solution. Paper-based systems are what some still cling on to, whilst many have transitioned over to a software solution. There’s many benefits, but a KPI that many in warehousing look at is productivity.

With CartonCloud's intuitive workflows, easy-to-use design, and features built by actual logistics people — for logistics businesses, you can simplify operations for your team, and offer more to your customers. 

With CartonCloud;

  • Warehouse personnel get a clearer understanding of picking routes, BIN locations and dispatch times, and you can also assign tasks to warehouse personnel on the fly, with no verbal interaction necessary.
  • Delivery drivers can create their own route plan using the route map we mentioned previously, or fleet allocators can assign a route plan on their behalf. Either way, you can reduce backtracking, peak-hour bottlenecks and waiting times through optimizing your delivery routes.
  • Lastly, you can plug into other systems. Warehouse management systems work well by themselves, but really shine when you can plug them directly into other popular software packages. Xero and QuickBooks are two popular accounting systems that plug directly into CartonCloud, and accountants will love this!


Are you ready to eliminate paperwork?

Everything is electronic, reducing the mess of paperwork in the administration office. One of the biggest frustrations we had was truck drivers losing paperwork. A warehouse management system works electronically and can eliminate this frustration and potential expenses.

Not only is there no paperwork, the data updates in real-time. Administration teams can start reconciliation immediately, without having to wait for drivers to return to base.

So while the paperwork isn’t there, the data IS there. All personnel can not only continue their roles, but do it much easier. Call us today to see if CartonCloud and our warehousing management system can fit within your operations.


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