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If manual data entry is still prevalent in your transport business then it’s costing you, whether you’re aware of it or not.

Some of the costs are more obvious, including the significant time and effort required in performing manual data entry tasks. However, many of the costs incurred are not obvious but still costly to your business.

Manual data entry touchpoints involve different personnel from forklift drivers and truck drivers, to warehouse and transport operations personnel, and even your freight customers. Understanding these and identifying how these touchpoints can be automated can help you gain an advantage over your competitors, and help you grow your business.

Here, we describe many of the costs that will affect your operation through performing tasks manually, and outline the CartonCloud solution to help you achieve best practice in modern transport business management.

What are the hidden costs of manual data entry?

Apart from the more identifiable costs in the time and effort associated with inputting data manually, the flow-on effects of continuing to do so can be substantial.

Incorrect and time consuming manual data entry can lead to negative consequences including:

  • Incurring fees for late payments
  • Not claiming incentives for early payments
  • Cash flow problems
  • Inefficiencies in employee changeovers
  • Poor relationships with vendors
  • Lower potential for business growth

These costs can be the hardest to quantify, and the impact is often felt through the long-term effect on your businesses’ reputation. 


The poor accuracy in manual data entry prompts many transport and warehouse operators to look to automate this task through a software solution. Hand writing can be difficult to read, or important details missing, and errors occur through transcribing information.

Losing paperwork

Paperwork often gets lost and the important information can’t be replicated. This can create an administrative burden and flow on to exacerbate all those hidden costs mentioned. Eliminating a reliance on physical paperwork is one of the key benefits in incorporating a software solution to your workflow.

Staff costs and inefficiencies

Staff resources tied up in manual data processes add to inefficiencies in your business. Staff should be allocated to more critical and higher margin activities. Drivers can be freed up to do more deliveries and pickups each day and in a more efficient way with an automated solution, with benefits flowing through to customers.

What is the CartonCloud solution?

Making the decision to transition through to a real time software solution such as CartonCloud is the first step in streamlining your transport business operation and empowering staff by:

  • Saving time with complex rate cards. Loading all your rates into CartonCloud once and let the software do the calculations required based on your desired events and triggers.
  • Electronic Proof of Deliveries. Gone are lost PODs. It’s easy to record consignments with the electronic proof of deliveries feature. Drivers can also enter other information with images including waiting times, damaged stock plus much more
  • Automation for faster deliveries. By grouping related consignment notes together, CartonCloud means your drivers only have to get one signature for that address (electronic, of course!).  
  • Automated allocations. CartonCloud makes it easier to allocate your consignments. You can set up your delivery runs and allocate postcodes so that when consignments get created CartonCloud can automatically build your delivery runs set on suburbs and customers to maximise efficiency. 
  • Delivery Run History. Calculate your revenue per vehicle by easily seeing which vehicles are doing each run, and see the location history for each driver and importantly, send them notifications about any changes to their delivery runs.

Getting started with CartonCloud’s easy-to-use 3PL (TMS) transport management system and (WMS) warehouse management system will introduce you to its powerful features that will save you time and money and improve your customer’s experience.

Why Choose CartonCloud?

CartonCloud, Australia’s best transport management software, is logistics software made by logistics people. With faster delivery times, greater transparency, automated invoices, and the ease and convenience of electronic proof of deliveries, CartonCloud is available online 24/7 with extensive transport management features to streamline your operations and also work seamlessly with your warehouse management system.


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