How sign on glass technology is transforming warehousing and transport industry.

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The increasing take up and use of sign on glass technology has transformed the warehousing and transport industry in Australia. But why exactly is this? After all, pen and paper worked well back in the day.

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In this article we’ll showcase why this technology is changing the industry and why it’s worth adopting.

Transforming transport with sign-on glass technology

There is several work activities that can make or break the success of an operation.

These primarily are:

All such activities previously were operated with pen and paper, or at best, with a very basic internal freight management system using expensive PDA devices. We can run today most activities from a normal iOS or Android smartphone, but not only that, with full warehouse and transport system synchronization.

Overcoming issues with legacy ‘systems’

Every logistics company in Australia that is older than 20 years started with a traditional pen-and-paper system. It was simple, and it worked! In fact, it still works today, but the risks outweigh the cost savings.

Some issues we’ve seen are:

  • Lost Proof of Delivery paperwork causing many issues
  • Lack of communication between drivers and dispatchers
  • Hard to read handwriting and scribbles as signatures
  • Missed driver input such as time and date of delivery

So while this worked and still works today, the headaches caused result in many decision makers to look elsewhere for an online solution.

Where sign-on glass technology shines

The very best benefit of using sign-on glass technology is for electronic Proof of Delivery dockets. No longer are proof of delivery forms lost in vehicles, handed into the office dirty with coffee stains, arrive with poor handwriting and have missing information. Not only that, but office staff can login and see dockets signed in real-time in the field, resulting in automated invoicing.

Now, these benefits aren’t just for delivery drivers. Pickers, packers and dispatch staff can utilize the same system to keep other staff members updated on order progress. They can also make changes, notes and updates on the fly, without needing to interrupt their workflow by verbally alerting others.

Lastly, customers love sign-on glass logistics technology. No more missing pens or scribbles. You can nominate the time, date, delivery temperature and even take photos of delivered stock. Best part - your own customers can track their order status without the need to call up staff.

Software can be cost-effective

Perhaps the biggest hurdle is the cost, however services such as CartonCloud are based on an affordable monthly subscription fee as opposed to outright purchases. Not only that, but specialized hardware is often not required either. This way you’re paying a price reflective of your business progress today.

System integration can reduce a significant workload in the accounting office. For example, we can connect with a Zapier API to popular accounting packages like Xero, and popular platforms such as Shopify and Unleashed.

Finally, the reduced likelihood of picking and packing errors can really offset the cost of this technology. In a world where Australian logistics operations are progressively moving into the digital age, it pays to maintain effective stock control.

Want to know more? 

We have praised much praise on CartonCloud’s technology from its core users. Drivers, schedulers and warehousing staff find it simple to use in the field, with your own company logo and custom fields able to be overlaid easily.

Decision makers have found the cost and increased efficiency to outlay the current costs of their paper-based systems. Get in touch with us today for a free demo in-house.

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Streamline your logistics operations today

Streamline your logistics operations today
Oct 23, 2023
Dec 23, 2019
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Streamline your logistics operations today

Streamline your logistics operations today