Why Supply Chain Visibility Matters To Downstream Partners

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Take a look at why supply chain visibility matters and how a Warehouse Management System or Transport Management System can assist you and your downstream partners. 

Businesses are becoming more aware of the advantages of using real-time data to efficiently run their operations and grow. In the logistics industry, data and ‘visibility’ are fast becoming key factors in the management of successful supply chains.

But what is meant by supply chain visibility and why does it matter, particularly to downstream partners?

What is Supply Chain Visibility?

Think transparency and access to data relating to all transactions, stock movements and demand drivers across the entire supply chain. It’s about everyone, across every tier of the supply chain being able to see data and the logistics movements occurring. 

When we talk data, we mean access to real-time and actionable data. It’s about effective communications from the beginning of the process to end delivery.

Why Does It Matter To Downstream Partners?

Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of a downstream customer who has partnered with a warehouse or transport company or 3PL. It’s a competitive trading environment out there and they need every advantage they can get.

If The Company Or 3PL Does Not Provide Visibility:

  • The downstream business can’t make rapid decisions based on data
  • Planning ahead is inhibited
  • Sourcing stock can be a headache if demand increases
  • Decreases in demand can cause excess stock in the supply chain
  • Harder to execute cost-effective operations
  • constantly asking the 3PL for updates and information
  • Less efficient

If The Company Or 3PL Does Provide Supply Chain Visibility To Downstream Partners:

  • The downstream business can make operational decisions in real time based on data
  • The business can effectively increase or decrease the flow of stock through the supply chain based on demand
  • Check stock 24/7
  • Businesses upstream can react operationally to the changes occurring in demand at the downstream business
  • Can strategically plan ahead more easily
  • Increased efficiency means a better bottom line

Look For A Company or 3PL Using A Transport And Warehouse Management System

A logistics provider who delivers visibility is like turning on a lightbulb for downstream partners. And the best way for a company/3PL to provide visibility is to use a warehouse management system or transport management system. A management system like CartonCloud offers an online portal where customers can place orders online, view the status of stocked items and run reports to analyse stock levels. 

Management system software empowers downstream businesses to make the most of automated transport updates, clearly communicated estimated time of arrivals (ETA) and online access, which all greatly improves the customer experience. CartonCloud is a feature rich TMS solution with automation and cloud in mind. It will streamline your supply chain and logistics operations and help you provide a superior customer experience. 

CartonCloud is created by logistics people for logistics people. Get in touch today and we’ll organise a free demo for you. 

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Streamline your logistics operations today

Streamline your logistics operations today
Oct 23, 2023
Jun 25, 2021
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Streamline your logistics operations today

Streamline your logistics operations today