CartonCloud WMS TMS software product update June 2023

Welcome to the June CartonCloud Product Roundup! This month’s WMS and TMS updates are focused on simplifying your charging and invoicing processes, to create more streamlined accounting processes. 

Split-Monthly Billing 

We’ve made it easier to offer more competitive storage charge options for your customers. 
Our Split Monthly Billing feature offers greater flexibility in configuring your customer’s storage charges. 

  • Split-monthly billing allows you to use customizable, discounted storage rates for stock that arrives later in the first month. Select which date in the month you wish to offer a discounted rate and the percentage you want to discount. For instance; for stock arriving after the 15th of the month, you may want to offer 50% discount on storage, to only charge for half the month.
  • Split-month billing also gives you more flexibility in billing dates, and determining billable charging. This is especially useful for tenants who have customers on a monthly billing cycle, or those wanting to use per-location, or per-pallet, storage charging methods.
  • Setting up split-monthly billing is simple. You can start using split-month billing by updating Organisation Settings (by default, any new rate card created will take on these settings) or the individual rate card (for existing rate cards or if you wish to be rate card specific). Find out more at our CartonCloud Help pages for Rate Cards, Storage Charges, and Invoice Settings.  

CartonCloud Accounting Connector 

We’ve simplified accounting, providing more flexibility when selecting billing due dates and seamless invoicing, and greater customization of contractual terms between you and your customers. 

This update provides greater alignment between CartonCloud and your accounting connector billing due dates, with four different configuration options that cater to a range of different billing terms and business requirements, including:

  • Days after the end of an invoice
  • Days after the end of the invoice month
  • Day of the following month
  • Last day of the current month

You can now access the new billing due day setting options within the customer settings under the invoice tab. For more information, visit the Accounting Connector CartonCloud Help page.


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