We are excited to be able to update you on something that we have been working on behind the scenes. We are making some big changes to the Knowledge Base to improve the content and user interface to make it easier for all our users. 

The main changes are:

  • Overhauled user interface to make it more intuitive and articles easier to read;
  • Improved search functionality; 
  • Redesigned structure to make relevant content easier to find;
  • Updated setup guides and procedures;
  • Significant new content and major updates to existing content. 

The new and improved Knowledge Base is available here for early access, and below is a video outlining the major changes.


After an initial 2-week soft launch, we will begin redirecting all our users to the new Knowledge Base. At all times you will still be able to access all the information you need at http://help.cartoncloud.com/

If you have any feedback, issues or questions, as always, please contact Support and let us know!

We hope you enjoy the updates. 


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