New CartonCloud Mobile App End-to-End Feature Release

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Jess Saxton
Jess Saxton

Get ready to streamline your operations like never before! We've been working on something really special, and are thrilled to share this latest CartonCloud Mobile WMS app release with you. Explore the new Mobile App release features below, for our new

  • 📲 Task Picking mode on the Mobile App
  • 🏗️ End-to-End Pallet Handling
  • 📦 End-to-End Unique Reference (Serial) Handling

🎬 More video guides for each of our new mobile features will be releases shortly through CartonCloud Help. 👉Stay tuned to emails and blogs for more!

Note, to access the new features please update your CartonCloud mobile app to version 5.0.0 or higher.

💥CartonCloud's New Mobile App End-to-End Features!

📲 New “Task Picking” mode on Mobile App

Our first feature release adds several significant enhancements when picking, giving you intelligent order picking and allocation prompts for smarter picking, delivering smart grouping for faster order picking, allowing simple stock substitution, and providing greater ability in pallet barcode scanning.

🎬 Watch this video intro explaining the Sales Orders function within our new Mobile Task Picking feature here, and view more details below. Additional video guides and tutorials will be released soon, so make sure you stay tuned to emails and blogs!

  • Revised UI: This update enables pickers to see what pick quantities are recommended, eg, being recommended to pick 5 cartons rather than 100 units. Find out more.
  • Order Assignment: This update allows pickers to assign orders from the web app (in bulk) to better coordinate warehouse staff. With this enhancement, pickers can filter work assigned to them, start unassigned work, and even take over tasks assigned to others should they need to. Find out more.
  • Reallocation/ Stock Substitution: If enabled, this update will allow pickers to substitute allocated stock for other stock of the same product. With this enhancement, pickers can pick from an alternative location, pick an alternative pallet which is easier to access (ie: bulk stacked pallets), or pick different serials to those allocated, enabling end-to-end serial number management. Find out more.
  • Pallet Scanning: This update enables end-to-end pallet handling throughout the system, allowing you to scan or create barcodes to accept incoming stock, and track serial codes from inbound to outbound orders, and to use pallet barcodes when picking. Find out more.
  • Grouping: This enhancement simplifies picking workflows. In some circumstances, individual allocated stock lines will be able to be combined together into a single line item, to be picked as a group. Find out more.

Check out our suite of helpful video tutorials here, to explore how to get the most from each enhancement!

Or visit the CartonCloud Help pages on Picking 2.0 and Reallocation for more information.

CartonCloud WMS Product round up Sep 2023

🏗️ End-to-End Pallet Handling

Our second release in this update is for end-to-end pallet handling. This new feature and workflow provides a new way in which Pallets are handled throughout CartonCloud's WMS, making it much easier to use pallet barcodes from receiving to locating, and picking.

🎬Walk through our new mobile app pallet handling feature here, and see more details on the new feature release below. Additional video guides and tutorials will be released soon!

  • Pallet Barcodes retained in Single Pallet Locations: To allow pallet barcodes to be used throughout the warehouse, you will be able to retain pallet barcodes when stock is moved in and out of single pallet warehouse locations. The enhancement simplified inventory management and tracking, updating from the previous workflow where the pallet barcode/id would be removed.
  • Charge Single Pallet Locations multiple times: To enhance storage charging, you will soon be able to charge single pallet warehouse locations multiple times, based on the number of pallets contained within. This setting will be made available at both the organization and rate card levels. Find out more.
  • Bulk Print Pallet Labels: This update will help optimize warehouse pick efficiency by reducing the time spent walking to and from barcode printers. With this update, pallet barcodes can be pre-printed in bulk from both the web and mobile apps, to be stored on forklifts or near work areas, and then assigned to stock as the stock arrives. Find out more.

For more information, visit the CartonCloud Help article on Pallet Handling, or check out these video guides below!

CartonCloud WMS Product round up Sep 2023 pallets

📦 End-to-End Unique Reference (Serial) Handling

Our final update with this release delivers intelligent and enhanced end-to-end unique reference (serial) handling, allowing you to achieve the ultimate accuracy and accountability in your operations.

With this release, you will have the ability to track serial numbers (or other unique references) end-to-end within CartonCloud, recording them at the point of receival (or having them specified on PO imports), grouping them together on pallets to quickly and easily move them between locations, and then scanning serials out as they’re shipped.

🎬Watch our New Mobile Release video explaining Purchase Order updates for Unique Reference handling here, and see more details on this mobile app release below. Additional video guides and tutorials will be released soon!

  • Rapid Capture Serials on Inbound: To enable rapidly recording serial numbers on inbound, we’re introducing a new flow within Purchase Orders to quickly split products into pallet groupings and then scan-capture serial numbers within each pallet. Find out more.
  • Reallocation / Stock Substitution: As CartonCloud assigns specific stock (specific serial numbers) to each order, this could make it challenging for pickers to find the specified serial number. Through the new “Task Picking” mode, we’ve introduced reallocation, which, if enabled, allows the picker to pick and scan an alternative serial number, and CartonCloud will automatically switch which stock is allocated to the order. Find out more.

Visit the CartonCloud Help pages on Purchase Order (inbound) unique reference scanning and Reallocation for more information.

Or check out these helpful video tutorials for simple, step-by-step guides on how to use this feature throughout your warehouse operations.  

CartonCloud WMS Sept Product update end to end pallet GIF

🎬 CartonCloud training videos  

Be sure to check out our range of training videos and how-to guides on CartonCloud Help and by registering for the CartonCloud Academy! 🎓

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Streamline your logistics operations today

Streamline your logistics operations today
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Streamline your logistics operations today

Streamline your logistics operations today