New Feature Quarterly Update — our top Q3 picks!

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CartonCloud New feature roundup 2023 Q3

We’ve rounded up our top feature releases for the 2023 July-Sept quarter! Check out our team's top picks of several new features rolled out across CartonCloud’s warehouse and transport management software. Gain greater control over WMS sales orders, enhanced TMS fuel levy transparency, and seamless accounting connections for the smoothest automated invoicing experience. 🎉

We asked our team to pick their top features from the quarter to bring you CartonCloud's Favourite Feature Releases of the quarter, and here they are;

  • 📦 WMS Product Code Filtering
  • 🚚 TMS Fuel Levy Enhancements
  • 💸 CartonCloud Accounting connector Due Days Update.

We've outlined each new feature release below and how they can help you simplify your days with CartonCloud. 😎

📦 Filter Product Codes from Sale Orders

We’ve empowered your warehouse customers to take greater control over their inventory product codes in CartonCloud, with the ability to exclude certain codes from appearing on Sales Orders.  

Customers with non-inventory charges such as gift cards or freight charges can now simply filter out these product codes directly from their CartonCloud customer dashboard, so they no longer appear on Sale Orders— saving you and your team from unnecessary error messages or troubleshooting.

How does it work? Your warehouse customers can now configure product codes to be excluded from outbound orders within CartonCloud through a new Settings page (located under More > Settings). As a first iteration of this update, this will be visible within the customer view only. However, if you’d like to view or exclude codes on your customer’s behalf, you can access this setting by editing your user permission to include customer access. To find out more, visit the CartonCloud Help Product Code article.

"The new Product Code Filtering feature is saving us heaps of time… it enables our customers to configure which product codes they want to ignore by themselves. Previously, they would contact us and then we’d work with CartonCloud to get the filters implemented.” Justin Kennon, Outrayjus 3PL
New feature CC Accounting connector due days

🚚 Consignment level view of Fuel levy calculations

We’ve enhanced TMS visibility of charge calculations, giving you greater specificity on fuel levy rates and charge details within the Consignment page view.

Transport companies using fuel levy rates now have greater transparency and more control over invoicing, ensuring full visibility over consignment charges before invoicing is sent to your customers.

How does it work? With this update, you can now view a breakdown of the fuel levy percentage and the dollar amount charged from the Consignment charges tab, ensuring you can view the charge breakdown before the Consignment is invoiced. For more information, visit the CartonCloud Help Consignment Charges Page.

CartonCloud Fuel Levy charges

💸 CartonCloud Accounting Connector  

We’ve made your accounting even easier. This update to the CartonCloud Accounting Connector provides more flexibility when selecting billing due dates — for seamless invoicing and greater control of contractual terms between you and your customers.

How does it work? This update provides greater alignment between CartonCloud and your accounting connector billing due dates, with four different configuration options that cater for a range of different billing terms and business requirements, including:

  • Days after the end of invoice
  • Days after the end of the invoice month
  • Day of the following month
  • Last day of the current month

You can now access the new billing due day setting options within the customer settings under the invoice tab. For more information, visit the Accounting Connector CartonCloud Help page.

"The recent addition to CartonCloud has proven to be an invaluable asset in enhancing our cash flow analysis and the efficient management of overdue payments. This feature not only saves us valuable time but also helps us avoid any potentially awkward situations.
"What makes this feature particularly beneficial is its seamless integration with Xero. It enables us to specify the credit terms for each invoice, offering a level of flexibility that perfectly aligns with our diverse customer base with a wide range of options. This means that I can easily select the appropriate terms for each invoice, eliminating the need for manual adjustments in Xero. This streamlined process is not only a time-saver but also allows Xero to handle automated invoice reminders effectively."  — Brian Mayled, C&B Logistics

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Streamline your logistics operations today

Streamline your logistics operations today
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Streamline your logistics operations today

Streamline your logistics operations today