Optimize Driver Routes and More With Your TMS

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Let’s look at how using truck management software, or a Transport Management System (TMS), can reduce your admin time and streamline your transport operations on the road. Simplify your daily workload, increase accuracy and give your drivers the freedom to collect ePODs, optimize their delivery routes, and much more.

Streamline your transport operations

Achieve faster delivery times, greater transparency for clients, more accurate rate calculations, and reduce admin time with a cloud-based truck management system. 

A TMS, or trucking software, allows you to automate areas of your operations that previously required extensive admin time or specific human resources. This means you have more time to focus on other areas of the business, or to take time for other areas of your life while your system takes care of itself. 

CartonCloud is a cloud-based system offering software for trucking companies, made for logistics people, by logistics people. Our easy-to-use transport management system is designed to help you reduce admin time on processes like rate card calculations and driver route planning, and streamline your dispatch and delivery operations on the go. 

Want to provide better transparency to your customers? One of the benefits of a cloud-based system is the ability to create customer access through your online portal, so they can log on and view their orders and consignment progress in real-time.

Our Transport Management System gives freight and transportation companies like yours the tools you need to optimize end-to-end, and provide better customer service to your clients. 

With the right trucking software, you can optimize more than your driver routes. 

Save time and resources with an automated TMS

We’ve broken down how your trucking software can save you time and resources on admin and route planning, and provide data transparency for you to share with your customers. 

At Cartoncloud, our cloud-based logistics management software is changing the game for small to mid-sized transport companies, offering software for trucking companies that automates complex rate cards and generates invoices, will optimize delivery routes, correct address book discrepancies on the go, and capture electronic proof of deliveries. 

Streamline processes for your drivers on the road

There are some things you don’t know until you’re on the route, but this feedback is essential in optimizing the route for future deliveries. With CartonCloud, you can capture driver feedback to your allocation logic to improve future delivery routes. 

At its core, software for trucking companies should be making life easier, letting you do more, with less. CartonCloud’s TMS is designed by logistics people, for logistics people, which means it works where you need it most. 

You can say goodbye to lost Proof of Deliveries (PODs), with electronic PODS (ePODs) and sign-on glass. CartonCloud’s TMS captures ePODs directly into your TMS, providing up-to-date records of delivery, and reducing timely admin required to file paperwork after deliveries are completed. Your drivers can also save images of deliveries and or damaged goods, in their electronic POD report.

From packing orders in sequence, to optimizing routes by postcode and customer requirements, your TMS trucking software ensures a streamlined approach and process for drivers throughout every consignment. 

Check out this video to learn more about how CartonCloud’s TMS provides trucking software to streamline transport company processes and save you time and money. 

Calculate rate cards automatically

Speaking of money, you can use your TMS to make your invoicing faster and more accurate with automatic rate cards. Integrated directly into your accounting software, your consignment fees are automatically calculated based on your rate card, generating an automated invoice which is then sent directly to your client. 

With CartonCloud, you can also implement specific triggers or events for rate changes, which your TMS will use to adjust rates to specific requirements. Meaning you can easily capture the correct fees and rates for each consignment, no matter how complex. 

Manage deliveries on the go with the TMS Mobile app 

Keep your transport business moving, and grow your business while on the move. Through CartonCloud’s mobile app, your TMS is accessible anywhere. The app gives drivers the ability to receive updated route plans, based on incoming consignments, update with their own comments and progress reports in real-time, upload ePODs instantly and also attach any images of deliveries, damaged stock or other details. 

Not only will the mobile app save you time, allow you to optimize routes on the go and upload delivery status in real-time; it also saves admin time that would have otherwise been spent allocating paperwork to various pigeon holes or folders at the end of the day. 

With a cloud-based TMS, you really can optimize more than just driver routes. You have the power to automate rate cards, provide up-to-date customer information, track consignments and record real-time delivery reports with images and driver notes. 

Driver route optimization 

Being able to plan and optimize delivery sequences for drivers is a must, to save time and resources, increase your driver safety, and keep your customers happy. 

Optimizing your driver delivery routes takes into consideration driver delivery postcodes, vehicle access points (including one-way streets, truck access etc) and product packing planning— in order to streamline product packing and stacking for easy access, and a smooth delivery route. 

Without an automated TMS, driver routes are often planned and optimized by staff members with specific customer, route and product knowledge — though this can be timely, and leaves your company vulnerable if this resource goes on leave or is unable to come to work.  Not only will your automated trucking software streamline deliveries and admin for route optimization, it also gives you the ability to automatically update consignments as orders come through and manually assign drivers as needed. 

You can reduce tedious admin hours with the knowledge your routes will be optimized based on your logic. CartonCloud’s truck management software includes an automated allocations feature where you can build rules and logic based on postcodes for the system, and the software will automatically build your runs based on the best logic. 

You still have the ability to allocate drivers when needed manually, but with an automated TMS, you can build continuous guides and logic for the system to optimize routes for drivers as they go. 

Want to find out more?

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Streamline your logistics operations today

Streamline your logistics operations today
Oct 23, 2023
Dec 8, 2022
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Streamline your logistics operations today

Streamline your logistics operations today