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Implementing barcode scanning into your warehouse can boost accuracy, simplify location and product identification, and streamline workflow data collection (like checking off items as they are picked for an order, and automatically updating the warehouse inventory levels). We take a look at how to optimize your warehouse barcode system with easy label printing on the fly. 

Using barcode scanning in your warehouse has many benefits. By scanning the warehouse location label, you can accurately identify a physical warehouse space and view a record of all of the inventory stored there. Scanning the item barcode, you can record and track the inventory you take (for stock movement or when picking an order), and easily assign it to a new location as you work — all directly from the warehouse floor. 

However, as your records change, you need the ability to change your labels on the move. Warehouse and transport operations are constantly changing, requiring new information and data to be captured and easily accessed at each touchpoint and each stage of order fulfillment. 

This is where having the ability to print new labels with updated information for goods, orders or locations can be a game changer. With barcode label scan and print set up, you can simplify your workflow — to boost accuracy and update records on the move. 

What are the different types of barcode labels (and why do you need them) 

In this blog, we take a look at common warehouse barcode labels; including warehouse location barcodes, pallet labels (consignment), POP and stock labels, and SSCC shipping labels. 

Through CartonCloud, you can print

  • Warehouse location barcode labels (to be placed on warehouse racking), 
  • Consignment labels (for cartons/pallets), 
  • Pallett labels (POP) and Sale Order labels (to be placed on stock), 
  • and SSCC labels (to be placed on stock if the customer has SSCC enabled). 

Warehouse location barcodes

You can create Warehouse Locations within CartonCloud to determine different sectors and storage locations within your warehouse. This is generally segmented by rows, bays and levels. Once you’ve created the locations in CartonCloud, you can simply print the location barcodes through a regular printer, to be placed on each location within your warehouse. 

When scanning the location barcodes, CartonCloud will check both the Warehouse Location's "barcode" and "name" fields. This will allow you to easily find warehouse locations and scan them for actions such as moving, picking, and putaway (on the mobile app).

Printing barcode labels on the go  

Other barcode labels can be printed on the move through the CartonCloud Mobile App, giving you greater flexibility, and accuracy — direct from the warehouse floor. 

This can be used for item put away, recording new items within a location, recording inventory movement with scan-move, picking orders, or printing consignment labels for shipping.

It also allows you to reprint any labels that may be damaged or torn — by simply scanning the label, and reprinting it on the spot.

How to print barcode labels from the mobile app

  • Printing labels from CartonCloud with a portable printer is fast and straightforward.
  • For incoming inventory, you can verify a purchase order and select the print icon, to print a new label for the pallet or stock.
  • For stock movement with scan move, simply scan the warehouse location or product barcode, move the product by scanning the new location, and hit print from the mobile app (as highlighted below).
  • Upon packing completion of an order, you can verify the order completion and press print, to create the new label for that order. 
Screen Shot 2022-12-02 at 3.31.00 pm

Check out our label printing tutorial video here for more information. 

Labels for incoming stock allocation 

Keeping your warehouse location and bin labels up to date is simple with easy printing through CartonCloud. As the stock is replenished or new stock is allocated to a location, you can scan the warehouse location using the mobile app and allocate the items to that location. 

Updating warehouse labels with Scan Move

With Scan Move 2.0, you can scan an item’s barcode to select, and reassign its location within CartonCloud by scanning the new warehouse location. Scan Move 2.0 allows you to select specific stock within that location to be moved (as opposed to moving all stock within the location).

Once the item has been moved, you can then print a new barcode label to show the new inventory in this section )if you’ve moved 5 boxes from another area, the new label will represent these five boxes here, in this section). 

Automatically print shipping labels

One of the benefits of having your WMS and TMS combined, is the ability to streamline order picking to dispatch. 

Through CartonCloud, a warehouse picker can automatically print the consignment/shipping labels for their orders at the time they have completed packing the order, streamlining the warehouse-to-transport transition. 

Barcode scan and print for Wave Picking

CartonCloud’s WMS wave pick also simplifies grouped order picking (with waves), by allowing warehouse pickers to print the labels for the orders in the wave pick, simplifying order packing at the packing station. 

They can simply print the labels from the mobile app using wifi and a portable printer (as shown in the video above). This way, once the items are picked, they have the order labels in hand, ready for packing. 

Find out more

Depending on your warehouse and transport operational needs, printing barcode labels directly from your WMS/TMS is incredibly valuable. It ensures accuracy across your account and records and gives your team more tools to get on with their work. 

Want to know more about the CartonCloud mobile app, or Bluetooth scan and barcode print? 

Contact the team at CartonCloud for a free demo of our powerful warehouse software.

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