To provide better security over your CartonCloud account, we’re implementing a change to ensure passwords meet a minimum level of complexity.


This weekend (October 10th-11th 2020) we will be rolling out a change in which passwords will need to be:
- At least 8 characters long
- Contain at least: one number, one special character, one uppercase and one lowercase letter


When you next login after these changes are rolled out, if your password doesn't meet the minimum requirements above, you will be prompted to create a new one in order to complete your login.


Note: The change will only affect users logging into the web app. Drivers, or other users who only use the mobile app will not be forced to change their password at this time.


With the increased importance of online security, if you are finding it hard to maintain secure passwords, we recommend using a password management tool. There are  several free options out there, such as Lastpass which our team uses heavily to auto-generate and store secure passwords for all applications we access online.


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