Announcing CartonCloud Sales Order Scan Picking on Android

We're stoked to announce the release of Android Sales Order Scan Picking. This opens up support for a ton of ruggedised, harsh-environment (freezer) compatible devices.


Android has quickly become the industry standard platform for rugged devices; additional features include:

  • Support for freezer room conditions of greater than -20C
  • External keyboards, enabling entry whilst wearing gloves (great for when you are in that freezer)
  • Extended scanning range, in excess of 10m
  • Significantly more robust and rugged, meeting standards that significantly exceed the iOS equivalent

Note however; not all functionality available in our iOS app is available yet in Android (we're actively working on adding everything). A detailed comparison of the warehousing functionality accessible in the iOS vs Android mobile app is available on the CartonCloud Knowledge Base.


Additional Information:
Release notes
Compatible Hardware


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