Video Transcription 

Hey Guys, Tony here from CartonCloud with another one of Tony's tips.


Today I wanted to talk about stock adjustment and doing a stock adjustment with multiple products in an easy way. So a lot of the times if I come to the web app here and we're in warehouse locations, you can actually go into the location.

So for instance, I could pull up this bulk bin. I could have a look at the stock and then I could go through one by one and I could open up each one and I could adjust the stock and do an adjustment that way. Or change the expiry or batch date or whatever it may be.

But when you go through and say you've walked around the warehouse and you've got multiple variations in your stock and you want to go through and change them. Well what we can actually do is we can go in via the customer. We go into here and in the customer view, the very first report here is a stock report detailed. And if I actually go into that report, what it will give me is a breakdown of every product, what locations they're in, and the quantities. So we can actually come in here and we can edit this stock.

If we were to come in and we would have say, "Okay, we've done a stock take. This is actually only a 100 items and this one here is only 200 items." We could then go and we could save that location. We can actually go down and we could go, do and say, "Yes, no, this one here, same thing. I want to get rid of that. There's only five of those there." And we save this one.

Then what we can do is we go to the stop editing stock. We say, "Yes, we want to stop editing." We can then go back and if we go into the warehouse in through sales orders, we can actually see that we've had an adjustment here for Bob's groceries. So when you go in and you go through the warehouse locations and you change some product quantities and you've got ... You can adjust it so that you can always see it. So the customer knows you've gone and adjusted it. Exactly the same thing will happen if you go in and do it via the detailed stock report. It's just an easier way of getting all your products on one page so you can go through and do the adjustments. Just another little time saving tip.

Anyway, have a good day and see you next time.


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