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Hi All, Tony here from CartonCloud with Tony's Tips.

What I wanted to talk about was getting on top of delivery runs and delivery zones. Now this is really important when you're a fleet controller. I go into lots of different tenancies helping different people out, and I noticed that they still have a lot of suburbs which they go to on a regular basis down in as under the default delivery run. Now once we show people how easy it is to actually go through an update in a single suburb, it just sort of makes sense. Over a period of time, I've been across some tenancies which don't have any suburbs come up in as the default delivery run, and then I have other tenancies who have lots. So I just wanted to show you a little trick here.

So what we do is if we're in the bulk allocation screen, and say we search on the default delivery run, and here you can see I've got two consignments here, which are down as Coomera. Now underneath the delivery run, you can actually see that they're down here as the default delivery run. So the way we go about fixing this now when we go through and we fix them, we fix them for in the future. It doesn't do anything in the past, but it's always for the suburbs in the future. So what we can do is we go into the dashboard, we go up into the top, and we type in delivery zones. Now the delivery zones are virtually the postcode zones throughout Australia, or all the postcodes and suburbs throughout Australia. So what we're going to do is we're going to search for Coomera, which if people don't know, is a suburb in the Gold Coast.

So here we go, I've got Coomera here. It comes in, and it tells me the details of this delivery zone. So you can see that the income rate zone is the Gold Coast, the expense rate zone is the Gold Coast, but the delivery run is down as the default. So what we're going to do is we can just simply go in and edit, we find the delivery run here, and we change it to the Gold Coast, and then we save it. Now a really simple little thing, but the very next time we get another job in for Coomera, it's actually going to put it on the Gold Coast delivery run, and it just makes sense to keep on top of it. Now, we think about the administration people and all of these things which they're keying in and doing all the rest of it, but fleet controllers and allocators need to learn to help themselves and just put in that little bit of effort, and then it's going to help out everybody.

Then maybe a fleet controller can actually take some holidays at Christmas time or whatever it may be, and the suburbs are going to go onto the right delivery runs, so somebody else is going to be able to stand in there and take over for a few weeks, and let somebody go have a decent break with their family. But anyway, if you stay on top of it, it's just going to make your life as an allocater or a fleet controller a lot easier.

Just another one of Tony's Tips.


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