June 2024 — New Feature RoundUp

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Welcome to the CartonCloud New Feature Round-up for June 2024! As we round out the end of the financial year, we have a number of exciting new releases to share — and a peek at some exciting updates coming soon! 

This month, we’ve added greater transparency and control over automated rate cards and charge reporting. We’ve also rolled out a new design for our login page, with Enterprise SSO available, and finalized a number of enhancements to Picking 2.0 for speed and accuracy. Check out the details in our quick video tutorial and outlined in the blog below! 

🚀 Launch into CartonCloud’s New Features released in June; 

  • 💻 Additional Filtering now available on the Bulk Export Charges Report 
  • 🔼 New Add Charge Button on Ad-Hoc Charges
  • 🔐 Enterprise SSO 
  • ✨ Additional Picking 2.0 Enhancements

👀 Plus, keep up to date with major new features coming soon! 

  • Webapp URL Change
  • New Login Screen, MFA & SSO
  • “Picking 2.0” becoming “Picking” and other UI improvements
  • Removing support for old Mobile App Versions
  • Photos & Documents on Purchase Orders

💻 Additional Filtering is now available on the Bulk Export Charges Report

We understand that getting the data you are after is important to your daily processing. To help facilitate this, we have added more filtering options to our Bulk Charges Export Report.

Users are now able to process this report based on additional criteria using the new Activity Date Filter. This filter will allow you to select from the following options:

  • Date Packed for SO’s
  • Date Delivered for Consignments
  • Date Allocated for PO’s
  • Delivery date for RunSheets
  • Added date for Manifests

This means you are able to see your Bulk Charges based on the date an activity took place, giving you the flexibility to use the correct data at the correct times. 

For more information, see our CartonCloud Help Knowledge Base Page for Bulk Charges here.

🔼 Rate Cards: New Add Charge Button on Adhoc Charges

We have added a new ‘Add Charge’ button to our Adhoc Charges on Rate Cards, making it faster to create new charges right from your rate card. 

The new button to add adhoc charges is available for Sale Order, Purchase Order, Consignment and Run Sheet charges.

For more information, jump onto our CartonCloud Help Knowledge Base and read about Adhoc Charges here.

🔐 Enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO)

Enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO) is the ability for users to log in with one set of credentials to get access to multiple corporate apps, data and websites which they have permission for. Enterprise Single Sign-On helps to strengthen security and compliance.

You can now enable Enterprise SSO for users in your organisation. This feature is available as a paid add-on or included in some plans. For more information, or to begin using Enterprise SSO please reach out to us.

For more information, see our CartonCloud help Knowledge Base Page for Enterprise Single Sign-On here

✨Additional Picking 2.0 Enhancements

In mobile apps 5.1.0, we’ve added two key enhancements to the Picking 2.0 mode:

  • Revert Sales Order Status: Users can now revert a Sales Order's status from "Packing in Progress" back to "Awaiting Pick and Pack" and (optionally) un-assign it from the picker. This allows greater flexibility in managing orders that need to be updated or corrected after packing has started.
  • For more information on this, head to our CartonCloud Help page on Order Pick and Pack.

  • Search Packed/Dispatched Orders: You can now search for packed or dispatched orders directly within Picking 2.0, allowing users to double-check order details and ensure accuracy. Users can also print labels and submit ad-hoc charges for those orders, enhancing operational efficiency and improving order visibility.

👀 Explore CartonCloud New Features Coming Soon!

Webapp URL Change

Currently, you can access the CartonCloud Web App through either of two domains: app.cartoncloud.com.au and app.cartoncloud.com. We will soon be removing support for app.cartoncloud.com.au and having it redirect to app.cartoncloud.com only.

How will this impact me? If you currently login via the .com.au domain and use a password manager, you will need to update the domain within the password manager with the log-in URL as app.cartoncloud.com, in order to have it continue to pre-fill your username and password. Note: Mobile App users will not be impacted.

New Login Screen, with Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) and Single Sign On (SSO)

The CartonCloud login page will soon switch over to a new design. This new design has been available as a soft launch across June, alongside our roll out of the newly available Enterprise SSO on both the web and mobile app log-in pages, currently accessible through our new “Login 2.0” link. The new log-in page has been a fantastic success with many CartonCloud users already shifting their logins to operate via SSO. 

Want to try SSO for your team? SSO can be set up using an existing account, such as Google Workspaces or Microsoft, and accessed by clicking the “Login 2.0” link on your login screen. Contact us to get setup!

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

We know security is top of mind for all of our users and your customers! This is why, we will soon have MFA introduced for CartonCloud users.

Users will have the ability to set up and use MFA to protect their own accounts, and account admins will also have the ability to make MFA mandatory, significantly increasing the security of their whole organisation. Mandatory MFA will be able to be toggled on or off for specific user roles, meaning (for example) organisations can require MFA for all administrators and packers, but leave it optional for drivers and customers.

“Picking 2.0” becoming “Picking” and other UI improvements

You know we're constantly improving our workflows and application to make your lives easier, and let you do more. Our Picking Workflow has had a few updates recently, with significant workflow, speed and UI enhancements to boost accuracy, speed and item/ order tracking!

We’ll soon be renaming “Picking 2.0” to “Picking”, as this will be the core order picking functionality in CartonCloud going forward. We’re also making several significant UI improvements to make those coming from our old Picking mode feel more at home, such as incorporating the design colours that you loved from the original design, and condensing the space between elements for greater usability on older devices.

For those who have been using our old order pick feature (currently called “Picking”), please note, this outdated function will soon be re-named to “Picking (Legacy)” for clarity.

Photos & Documents on Purchase Orders

You asked, we listened! Our team is hard at work building a new feature to allow both mobile app, and web app users to add photos & comments when Purchase Orders are being received and verified. This enables warehouse workers to provide photo evidence of received goods, highlighting issues such as damages, and selectively share these with customers. Stay tuned for this exciting new feature's release soon! 

Removing support for old Mobile App Versions

It's time to update! We will soon be releasing the CartonCloud mobile app version 6.0.0 which will default to the new login screen and adds support for MFA. 

In order to maintain our high security commitments, as older app versions do not contain support for MFA or SSO, we will not continue to maintain support for older versions after October-31st, 2024. At this point mobile app versions lower than 6.0.0 will no longer operate and will need to be updated. To ensure you are not impacted by this change, please enable automatic updates for iOS and Android!

🔍 If you’re unsure how to check what version you’re currently running, you can find out here.

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