April 2024 — New Feature RoundUp

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Welcome to the April 2024 CartonCloud new feature roundup! 

This month we launched our Self-Managed Shopify Integration, now available through the CartonCloud self-managed integrations marketplace, allowing you to connect your customer Shopify stores seamlessly to your CartonCloud WMS in just a few clicks! We’ve also updated access to Self-Managed Integrations, to give you more control and visibility over your customer access. 
That’s not all! This month’s new feature round-up also includes a number of product enhancements, including a very exciting new feature enabling you to capture multiple serial numbers by QR barcode scan, and enhanced speed when using mobile Wave Picking.

See all of the details for April 2024 new feature releases below! 

  • CartonCloud x Shopify Self-Managed Integration
  • Controlled Access to Self-Managed Integrations
  • Capture Multiple Serials with QR Code scan
  • Mobile Wave Pick speed enhancements

CartonCloud x Shopify Self-Managed Integration

We have an exciting addition to our new Self-Managed integrations feature. We have added to the possibilities and are thrilled to announce that you and/or your customers can now build your own Shopify integrations into CartonCloud. 

This integration streamlines the e-comm fulfilment process, by automatically syncing new orders from Shopify into CartonCloud as Sale orders. The process then continues with an update to Shopify once an order has been fulfilled, as well as providing Tracking and Carrier information to Shopify if you store this data in CartonCloud. It’s the full fulfilment cycle and can be set-up and running in just a few minutes!

For more details, view our comprehensive CartonCloud Help guide to set up your own Shopify to CartonCloud integration, and for your customers to access Self-Managed Integrations with CartonCloud.

🎓 Want to learn more about Self-Managed Integrations?

Master all elements of the CartonCloud Self-Managed Integrations, with training for you, your team and your customers available in the CartonCloud Academy. Access the self-managed integrations learning trail now, or simply submit a request at CartonCloud Help to receive your login details and start learning at your pace.

Controlled Access to Self-Managed Integrations

Our newly released Self-Managed Integration feature can now be turned on or off for your customers. You can now selectively decide which customers can use this feature or provide universal accessibility to all.

What’s changed? With this update, we have included a setting at the Organisation and Customer levels, giving you control over your customers' access levels to Self-Managed Integrations.

Considerations: Before allowing your customers to build their own integrations, ensure costs are clearly communicated and that you are confident your customer is able to correctly map warehouses and custom fields. 

As a default, the Organisation setting for customers accessing the Self-Managed integrations is turned off. If you would like to update this, you are able to do so by following these simple steps to enable your customers to create their own self-managed integrations. Alternatively, you can do this on a customer-by-customer basis, under the Customer Settings:

For more information about this enhancement, visit the CartonCloud Help article on Customer access to Self-Managed Integrations.

Capture Multiple Serials via QR Code

Following on from our End-to-End Serial Tracking release late last year, our new Multi Capture mode allows you to capture multiple Unique References (ie: Serial Numbers) via a single scan of a 2D Barcode / QR Code. 

How does it work? Once the Multi Capture toggle is enabled in the Bulk unique Reference capture screen, scanning a 2D barcode will record all the references stored in the code in a single step. You can also scan several 2D barcodes to make up the required quantity for a group of items.

When can I use this? The requirement to scan QR codes for multiple serial tracking is common with serialized products such as Solar Panels, where a single, large QR code will contain all of the serials for all of the panels on that pallet. 

In the example below, the QR code highlighted contains all 36 of the serial numbers listed on the right. Scanning this saves a lot of time as the individual serial numbers no longer need to be scanned one-by-one by the user. For more information, see our Multi Capture knowledge base article on CartonCloud Help. 

Mobile Wave Pick Speed Enhancements

You asked for speed, and we’ve delivered! This month, we’ve updated our Wave Picking feature, to speed up item picks when using Wave Picking.

What’s changed? With this update (app versions 5.0.18+), rather than reloading the entire wave (which may take several seconds for large waves) the reload step is not performed automatically. This means the picker can immediately move onto the next item for a faster wave pick. 

Note, the wave can still be manually reloaded by swiping down from the top of the screen. 

If multiple pickers are picking the same wave, they will no longer be able to see each other's changes automatically. If you operate with multiple pickers working on a single wave, ensure that pickers are periodically reloading the wave (via the swipe-down method mentioned above) so the picks are synchronized between devices.

To find out more, visit the CartonCloud Help article on Wave Pick for the mobile app.

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Streamline your logistics operations today

Streamline your logistics operations today
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Streamline your logistics operations today

Streamline your logistics operations today