Product Round Up (6)

Welcome to the January 2024 CartonCloud new feature round-up! This month we've simplified shipping zones and locations within your Transport Lane rules, and added the ability to personalize your Stats user Report. 

This month's new features include;

⛴️ Simplified process for International Shipping Zones 

We've simplified the way you can add and manage international locations within your Transport Zone Set and Transport Lane rules in CartonCloud.

What's changed? To begin shipping to a new country, you can easily include countries with just one entry, with just the Zone & Country populated, without requiring additional information, down to suburb level. Now, if no other match is found within the specified Transport Lane, the zone determination will still fall back and match based on the country.

Why? This update means less hassle and more efficiency in getting global shipments up and running, without configuring complex Zone Sets and Transport Lanes.

For more details, visit our CartonCloud Help article on adding new Locations to Zone Sets, linked here, or for more assistance with this process, feel free to reach out to our Service Desk from the CartonCloud Help homepage


✏️ New Interface or CartonCloud Stats Report

We've made another reason you'll love reporting with CartonCloud! 

This month, we have updated the Stats Report interface to allow users to tailor the report to your own needs. 

What's changed? CartonCloud’s Stats Report feature, accessible via the Reports dropdown menu, previously provided users with a fixed, month-by-month usage summary for the past 12 months.

With this update, we have introduced a new week-by-week report type, along with several options to further refine your report layout, including:

  • Report Start Date,
  • Report End Date,
  • Columns included in the report.

This update gives users more control over reporting layout, allowing you to customize reports based on your or your customer reporting needs. 

For more information, please visit the Stats Report article on CartonCloud Help.




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