March 2024 — New Feature RoundUp

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Welcome to the March 2024 CartonCloud new feature round-up! This month, we’ve enhanced the way you can manage integrations through our Self-Managed Integrations Marketplace, added greater control in adjusting Sale Order stock and sorting transport Run Sheets, and added some other, smaller enhancements for end-to-end clarity.  

This month's new features include;

  • 👀 Better visibility of Active Self-Managed Integrations
  • 🚚 Enhanced Run Sheet Sorting
  • 📦Unallocate Stock from Sale Order Product lines (without impacting requested quantities)
  • 🙋 Updates to Menu Option in CartonCloud
  • 📄Attachment Names are now visible on the Documents pages
  • 💬 New File Names for the Packlist & Delivery Note (now Pick List & Packing Slip)

👀 Better visibility of Active Self-Managed Integrations

Off the back of releasing Self-Managed Integrations, we’ve made it easier to see which of your customers have active integrations.

Our newly released Self-Managed Integrations function allows you to add and manage your own customer integrations directly from the Dashboard. 

This month we have adjusted the Self-Managed Integrations Dashboard to incorporate greater details, giving you enhanced visibility over your customers’ active Self-managed integrations. 

What’s changed? With this update, customers with active integrations will be sorted at the top of your dashboard view, and you can now see the number of active integrations under each customer name.

Why? With this update, you have greater visibility over active integrations to reconcile invoices and customer charges. 

For more information, visit our CartonCloud Help Self-Managed Integrations Marketplace Article. 

🚚 Run Sheet Column Sorting

Actioning a suggestion in our ideas portal, we’ve made it possible to now sort the Run Sheets list screen by several of the columns.

This month, we’ve provided greater control over how TMS Admin users can sort transport Run Sheets, giving you more control and flexibility over how you manage your deliveries and driver allocation. 

What’s changed? Admin users are now able to filter and sort Run Sheets by driver, delivery run, or other standard columns based on your business needs. 

Why? This update provides greater control over how you manage delivery Run Sheets and driver allocations, giving you greater visibility over what run sheets have been allocated, and to whom.

For more information on how this new update can benefit you, head over to our CartonCloud Help Article here.

📦 Ability to 'Unallocate' Stock from Sale Order Product lines

You can now unallocate stock from unpacked Sale Orders without deleting the lines.

We've added the ability to unallocate stock from Sales Order Product (SOP) lines, allowing you to remove the stock from the Sales Order and return the stock back into the system — without affecting the requested quantity of the order. 

Why? This update gives you greater control over stock allocation to prioritize orders, or consolidate stock from partially fulfillable orders to orders that are able to be fulfilled completely.

Where can I access this feature? To use this feature, as an Admin or Packer, simply head to the Products tab of your Sale Order, and click the 'Unassign' button. Depending on the row you click, all Sale Order Products under that Product will be unassigned, or, only that particular Sale Order Product will be unassigned (removing it from the Sales Order). Note, these buttons aren’t available past the Awaiting Pick and Pack status.

For more information, please visit the CartonCloud Knowledge Base Article on Sales Order Products.

📄 Attachment Names visible on Documents tabs

Within the “Documents” tab of Sale Orders & Consignments, you can now see the filename for the uploaded document.

This month, we have added the ability to view attachment names on both Sales Orders and Consignments, from the documents page in your CartonCloud dashboard.

Why? This improvement takes the guesswork out of knowing which file you want to download and/or print from a Sale Order or Consignment that has multiple attachments. 

What’s changed? Admins and customers alike are now able to see the names of the files, such as “POD-1234” or “Invoice 1254”. This will save valuable time by allowing quick identification and access without the need to download each individual file."

🙋 Updates to Menu Names in CartonCloud Dashboard

Renaming select menu items to make them more obvious, such as “Parsing Logs” becoming “Import Logs”, etc.

This month, we’ve made some small updates to our menu item names, in order to streamline menu names with the functionality of the option. 

The changes you can expect to see are:

  • Integrations will now be called “Self-Managed Integrations” in the More menu. (You are still able to simply search ‘Integrations’ in Search for Anything to bring this dashboard up.)
  • Bolt Execution Logs will now simply be called “Bolt Logs”.
  • Parse File has been updated to “Parse a File”.
  • Remote Print Jobs has been updated to “Print Log”.
  • And finally the Parsing Log has been updated to “Import Log”. This better reflects the actual use of this log as we all have other methods such as API going through this log.
  • In addition to the menu options changing names, we have also updated the Site Map to reflect the changes.

💬 New File Names for the Packlist & Delivery Note (now Pick List & Packing Slip)

Another from our ideas portal! This month, we have also updated our naming of packlists and delivery notes, to simplify navigation, renaming:

  1. "Packlist" to "Pick List" and
  2. "Delivery Note" to "Packing Slip"

This update is part of our ongoing efforts to make our platform as user-friendly and efficient as possible, and these names are in line with what these documents are more commonly known as and used for. Rest assured, this will not affect the functionality of these features!

Do you have a new feature idea? Let us know, or vote for other suggested enhancements via the CartonCloud Ideas Portal!

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