Feb 2024 — New Feature RoundUp

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Welcome to the February 2024 CartonCloud new feature round-up! This month, we launched a major integration feature with our self-managed Xero integration, and have added some quality-of-life improvements to the Purchase Order History log functionality. 

This month's new features include;

🙋 Self-Managed Integration: Xero Invoices to Sale Orders

This month, we’re excited to announce our brand-new Self-managed integration feature and, with it, our first self-managed integration: Xero Invoices to Sale Orders.

This feature allows you to quickly and easily integrate your CartonCloud tenancy with external platforms without needing our direct help.  With this feature, you and your customers can establish, configure, and authenticate new integrations.

What's changed: With our first integration, you can rapidly set up and import Xero Invoices into CartonCloud as Sale Orders, setting up your integration in a few easy steps. 

  • Please note before starting the self-managed set-up, that this is a paid integration. 

Where can I find more information?  For more information, visit the CartonCloud Help Page to set up Self-Managed Integrations and for your Customer to access Self-Managed Integrations. With the help of our expert Integrations and Implementations teams, we have designed several best-practice use cases, to allow you to promise customers with common integration workflows a rapid onboarding process and quick integration connections.

Stay tuned for further updates on self-managed integrations in the coming release updates!


⌛ Purchase Order History now includes Add and/or Remove Product Activity

This month, we've also enhanced the CartonCloud Purchase Order History functionality to provide greater transparency of edits to purchase order items. 

With this update, you can now review historic logs covering when products are removed from or added to your purchase orders. 

What's changed: We’ve introduced a "Show Product Creations/Removals" checkbox, allowing you to toggle the visibility of these History entries. This checkbox is off by default, allowing you to tailor your history log visibility to your preferences, making it easier to focus on the information that matters most to you. 

This update brings greater transparency to your inventory management processes, ensuring you have a comprehensive view of all changes made to your orders. For more information on how to utilize these new features, please visit our Purchase Order Knowledge Base Page.

🎓 Invite your customers to the Academy!

We are excited to announce the release of two new Trails in the CartonCloud Academy, designed to educate and upskill your Customers on how to use CartonCloud.

You might use CartonCloud Academy to; 

  • Upskill your customers as part of your onboarding process with them: Ensuring they are across workflows and services from the start. 
  • Offer this free training as an added service offer to win new business: Share the benefits of CartonCloud automation, reporting, and more—and invite them to access free training on how to use the system for their benefit. 
  • Upskill your customers to get more from your system: They can learn how to build reports, check order statuses, inventory levels, or order automation tools like parsers, through their own customer dashboard management. 


Sign up for yourself, your team, and your customers! 

🙋 For all CartonCloud Academy access, please lodge a case with the team via CartonCloud Help requesting which users you would like to have access to the CartonCloud Academy. 



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Streamline your logistics operations today

Streamline your logistics operations today
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Streamline your logistics operations today

Streamline your logistics operations today