Why your customers will love your cloud-based WMS

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With a cloud-based warehouse management system, you can deliver greater customer service, easy reporting, and stock transparency, simplified online ordering, and greater accuracy. Your customers will love you for it, and you'll save time and money to grow your business. 

Want to win more business with greater customer service? With a cloud-based WMS, you can give more to your customers, without the hassle. With a cloud-based inventory management system, your customers can view their stock levels, stock movement, and order updates with ease — and without you needing to intervene. What’s more, with a cloud-based system, your customers also benefit from more efficient operations, minimal errors, streamlined workflow and seamless invoicing.

Simplify ordering, inventory reporting, and outbound shipping tracking with our powerful, end-to-end warehouse management system. 

Provide end-to-end transparency

Give your customers greater visibility from order to dispatch, allowing them to track order fulfillment at all times from their own customer dashboard. Our powerful, integrated warehouse and transport  management system gives you, and your customers visibility on orders and inventory at all times. 

Inventory accuracy at every step

Provide greater peace of mind and actionable data for your customers to use in their own business planning. 

  • Barcode scanning  Using barcode scanning for incoming and outgoing orders, you can ensure we have the right product, tracked every time. Ensure the safety and condition of your customer's stock with real-time data captured at each step in the supply chain. 
  • Smooth, transparent & efficient delivery tracking Drivers can use sign-on-glass technology to record digital proof of delivery notes (ePODs) which are recorded instantly in the system for faster invoicing.  Want more detail? Your drivers can also attach comments or photos for more delivery detail, where needed — keeping your customers informed where it matters most.
  • Simplified ordering and invoicing with easy and flexible software integrations Eliminate data entry, simplify ordering, and improve accuracy. With CartonCloud, you can integrate with hundreds of software applications, or automatically enter order details from EDI or API, to simplify order input and data sharing, for greater accuracy and full transparency. 

Want to show your customers all the benefits of your WMS software? We've made a helpful PDF here, that you can share with your customers or win new business.  Click the image below to download your PDF.

CartonCloud tenants customer benefits

Give your customers 24/7 Online Portal access

Give your customers eyes on their orders and inventory 24/7 from the customer portal dashboard. They can upload files, view orders and generate their own configurable reports, at the click of a button. They can even set up notifications for low-stock warnings or other triggers, like incoming orders, order fulfillment, and delivery. 

Urgent orders? No problems. Your customers can flag priority orders in the system, to be fulfilled urgently under high-priority rates. 

A cloud-based WMS like CartonCloud gives you the oversight and accuracy your customers will love. 

Plan for fast-moving stock with replenishment

Optimize your stock locations to have fast-moving or frequently ordered stock close on hand for picking and packing with replenishment. You can access your stock history and check stock movement in your WMS data stored in the cloud, to see what stock is moving the fastest, and then optimize your stock locations in the warehouse for faster access. If you know you have high-frequency orders on a certain item, you can locate it at BIN locations closest to the receiving and dispatch areas.

Not only are you reducing labor time and unnecessary wear and tear on machines, but customers with high-frequency stock also benefit from more efficient order fulfillment.

Simplify navigation with racking barcodes

Plan your warehouse location efficiency to maximize capacity, and with barcode racking labels, you can maximize picking accuracy as well. By setting up warehouse location barcodes, you can simplify warehouse navigation and picking, and update warehouse location barcodes with up-to-date inventory data as you go. It also allows you to simplify storage charges based on warehouse locations, for more efficient invoicing and rate transparency for your customers. 

Empower your staff with more information and streamlined processes, and keep your inventory levels up to date for customers. 

Simple, online stocktake for each customer

Stocktake has never been more simple, thanks to cloud-based inventory management software. With CartonCloud's stocktake module, you can perform complete stock reconciliation for each customer, with greater accuracy and faster reporting.

The stocktake module allows you to split stock onto separate lines for counting based on attributes such as Batch, Expiry Date, or any other custom field set up against the Purchase order Product giving you more control over how you wish to count stock for each customer. Once the stocktake is completed, the system can automatically generate a final report which can be exported as an excel spreadsheet and sent directly to your customers.

Continuous enhancements 

With a cloud-based WMS, your warehouse manager's focus can be on continuous improvement. CartonCloud’s logistics software was founded in a 3PL warehouse, designed to streamline day-to-day logistics —and this is still the case. We’re working day in and out to ensure our software remains the top pick for SME logistics businesses, with regular product updates and enhancements based on customer feedback and our ideas portal.
This means you and your customers can enjoy leading logistics software, designed for your needs.

Onboard your network, with CartonCloud Link

CartonCloud’s integrated software is ideal for logistics networks. You can streamline your system between vendors, integrate order and consignment details, streamline invoicing and so much more with CartonCloud Link.

CartonCloud Link connects two separate CartonCloud accounts so data can be passed in both directions as required, sending information such as consignments, PODs, orders, status updates and more.

Want to know more?

Contact our friendly team today for a free demo, or speak to the integrations team about setting up CartonCloud Link with your network partners.

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Streamline your logistics operations today

Streamline your logistics operations today
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Streamline your logistics operations today

Streamline your logistics operations today