Top 5 Ways Logistics Software Levels Up Your Business

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How logistics software can take your productivity to a whole new level.

Effective logistics software is a key capability companies can develop to drive revenue growth and create a sustainable business.

In order to be sustainable and generate future growth, there are some common things on the 'To Do List' for many companies. Reducing costs, maximising efficiency, increasing revenue and building customer relations are high priorities shared by many businesses.

Logistics software can support companies and managers to achieve growth and sustainability by making the technology do the heavy lifting.

Here are the Top 5 ways logistics software is helping businesses level up their operation.

Mobile Barcode Scan With Logistics Software

You can keep things low-cost by using an Android and iOS barcode scanning app in a warehouse. Paired with the right software, this can help you automate multiple tasks, thereby reducing paperwork and mis-picks.

Logistics Software Can Proactively Stop Revenue Leakages

Margins are tight in the transport sector and keeping revenue leakage to the ultimate minimum is critical.

Some of the most common causes of revenue leakage are lost paperwork or lost proof of delivery, mistakes manually calculating charges, and the failure to invoice for last minute deliveries without a consignment.

Logistics software can stop revenue leakage from these sources through electronic POD (Proof of Delivery), automating rate calculations and reducing consignment errors.

Automated Invoicing Unlocks Productivity 

Logistics software is smart enough to turn invoicing tasks that would take hours into a process of mere minutes. By automating rate calculations and invoicing, logistics software frees up you and your administration team to focus on more business-critical functions of the operation. This increases productivity and also reduces errors made through manual data entry.

Save Time And Money With Route Optimisation

A delivery run begins to become less profitable when an inefficient route, long driving hours and excessive fuel consumption occur. When you multiply this revenue leakage across hundreds of deliveries and numerous customers, the costs add up for a business. Logistics software that incorporates route optimisation and efficient route planning tools can make a positive difference to profits and the daily performance of logistics businesses. Completing a delivery run in the most efficient way builds better customer experiences, it saves you on running costs and gets more out of your drivers as well. 

Logistics Software Builds Business Intelligence

Logistics software can empower companies to be more strategic with developing a data-driven culture. Instead of going on gut feelings, logistics software users are able to analyse their data to make better decisions. The idea is that multiple data points are visible at the click of a button: from preparing for rate changes to identifying the most efficient warehouse pickers or identifying customers requiring the most data entry.

How CartonCloud Logistics Software Levels Up Your Operations

CartonCloud is easy-to-use 3PL software. It’s a transport management system and warehouse management system that can empower your company to do more with less.

Our software will help you reduce costs, maximise efficiency, increase revenue and build customer relations.

If you’re wondering what the best management system is for your warehouse or transport operation, get in touch with the CartonCloud team today for a free demo.

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Streamline your logistics operations today

Streamline your logistics operations today
Oct 23, 2023
Jul 29, 2021
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Streamline your logistics operations today

Streamline your logistics operations today