Warehouse Software: 5 False Misconceptions That Stop Non-Users

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There are many advantages towards using warehouse software to improve the efficiency of your operation. In fact, we’ve helped hundreds of people to improve their reliability, pick speeds and dispatch times.

But there are those who are resistant to change, based on some false beliefs.

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Common warehouse software misconceptions

We’re seeing many still wait out on the sidelines, which costs time and money. Let’s outlay what we’ve seen as the top 5 reasons why decision makers are reluctant to move into the digital age.

1. “It will be too expensive!”

False. For just about every operation, there are excessive administrative overheads with paper-based systems. From sales processing, order reconciliation to uploading dirty POD forms and invoicing, it can be an expensive process to hire one or even several full-time staff members for these roles.

A warehouse software solution can reduce this overwhelm. Yes, there is a cost involved for software, but commonly much less than the expenditure of wages, paperwork, printers, computer systems and time delays.

2. “My staff won’t like it!”

False. Your staff won’t like it initially, which is why they will require some training and time to adapt. After several weeks, we’ve repeatedly seen just about all of our clients impressed with their personnel on board.

From pickers and packers, to forklift drivers and managers, everyone will find some initial challenges when transitioning. Sure, they might not like it initially, but allow some time for them to realize the immense benefits that warehouse software brings to their daily roles.

3. “But my customers still use paperwork!”

Sure, your customers can still use paperwork, but you can provide them with a portal in order to place orders online. You can also show them some ways in which you’ve reduced your costs through online software.

With many transitioning online, customers are more willing to ‘give it a go’ nowadays. Customers who use CartonCloud find it generally easy to navigate, as we built it for humans, not robots.

4. “If the internet goes down, we’re stuck!”

False. CartonCloud was designed so that in instances where internet connectivity is momentarily lost, your data is still there and ready to upload. You can still see your most recently ‘called’ orders.

Some warehouses use repeater stations in ‘cold spots’ where internet connections are patchy. This is evident in cold storage environments with heavy insulation. Many of our clients have a 2nd internet company for redundancy, though the vast majority haven’t ever needed it.

5. “I’ll have more misplaced inventory!”

False. You’re much more likely to reduce the instances of lost inventory in your racking. Using software in a warehouse allows tracking of many data points, including name of personnel, time, day and location.

Also, you’ll find it significantly easier to do putaway, stock takes and rotations. Your can interpret your inventory data more effectively than through paperwork, allowing not just the warehouse team but those in the office to better see volumes and locations.

In summary

False beliefs often do hold people back from adapting and embracing technology. Not only is warehousing software now more affordable than ever, but can be catered for your exact working environment.

Starting at just $99 per week, with a free demo available, CartonCloud can help you best optimize your operational efficiency. We now have thousands of software users within warehouses across Australia and New Zealand.

Get in touch with us today as we likely have the ideal and cost-effective match for you operation.

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Streamline your logistics operations today

Streamline your logistics operations today
Oct 23, 2023
Feb 24, 2020
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Streamline your logistics operations today

Streamline your logistics operations today