Take a simple excel file, map the fields and you're done.

We've made EDI's so simple it's a matter of minutes and you're away. Have your client provide an excel file we can show you how to map the fields to get your data-entry automated.


Allocate drivers & consignments automatically in seconds.

CartonCloud has the ability to have your delivery runs and drivers allocated automatically all based on logic and rules you provide on implementation, it's as simple as that.


Require complex two-way integrations? Check our API.

If you have requirements from a client to provide a two-way complicated integration. We provide an open API that can integrate with large ERP systems like Oracle and have a strong team to support it.


Have CartonCloud notify your clients when the EDI fails.

When clients send through an incorrect file or wrong information, CartonCloud will automatically reply to them with what went wrong & how to remedy it, saving you precious time on customer support.

Get back your time and remove data-entry.



Complex rate cards

You can process complicated logic based on events and triggers loaded then have the rates calculate automatically. 

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Individual rate cards

Easy to create complex rate cards for your clients, from storage fees, minimums, drop rate plus more. 

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Group consignments

Automatically group jobs from a customer going to the same store, feeds-through to invoicing as group. 

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Urgent fees

Urgent order management is built-in, customers can request ‘urgent’ orders and additional fees are added automatically. 

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Receipt in stock on the fly with an easy-to-use manifest checklist whilst building your runs for delviery. 

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Address strings

Multiple names for addresses that are the same location, easy update once and the system remembers. 

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"The transition to CartonCloud, invoicing wise has been as smooth as anything. For me it's a joy. The accuracy of this application is absolutely brilliant. I cannot get over what it does. It does my job in half."
Julie Boyes - Office Manager Cold Xpress



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"When CartonCloud came along and all of sudden it’s doing the run sheets for us and it’s so simple, it's just a matter of entering a number and when it's actually giving me a count, I'm going WOW this is unbelievable"

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