Vincent, our CEO, is onsite at on-demand warehousing and order fulfilment service

Collective Logistics on the Gold Coast and shows you a great tip on how to receive goods back into stock using CartonCloud's RTS Return to Sender functionality.Video Transcription.

One of the things that Collective Logistics uses is the RTS functionality. This is when you have an order come back that has been shipped out and you are basically re-receiving it back into stock. RTS stands for Return to Sender.

If they have any returns – it may be that the customer simply didn’t want the item that they purchased – when it comes back in, it’s super straight forward.

They grab the item that’s come back into stock and go to CartonCloud. They literally look for who the order went out to, bring up the order itself, and click ‘Create RTS Purchase Order’. That creates a new purchase order going back into the system for the stock, it builds the order, creates it and now I can literally go through and receive that purchase order straight back into stock. I can now run through products, open them up and make sure each item is there and put them back into the correct location.

It’s a really straightforward tool for receiving stock back into the warehouse that has already gone out. You can use this if you’ve packed an order, it was about to go out, and the customer calls and says, ‘we don’t want that order to go out, we need you to cancel it’, – it’s really easy to do so. You just go back into the sale order, do the RTS purchase order, bring it back in and that will still capture for charging for the sales order and also for the re-receive as well, so you’re not missing out on billing by just terminating the order and loading the stock back in manually. It’s a really nice simple process to handle it.

Just another one of Vincent's Onsite Tips.

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