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Hi All, Tony here from CartonCloud with Tony's Tips.

Today I wanted to talk to you about customer email notifications and how we can actually export them and import them back in after we've adjusted them.

Now where this is, when we first onboard a new tenant we don't sort of go through and say, "Let's do it all in bulk," because we don't want the emails to be going out willy nilly. We sort of say, "Okay, let's send them to you. You can see what they look like and then when you're ready then we can go through and we can set up all these bits and pieces."

We generally do it with the invoices. We sort of do it one by one as we're going along to make sure that we've got the right email there and it's going to the right people.

But where this can get really useful is for the PODs. So, we can have it so that we might want to then go through and we're ready to then start sending all the PODs out to everybody. So, what we can actually do is we go to contacts customers and then we hit this drop down box for related and we can actually export the customers emails. And what we get is we get a spreadsheet which will have all of our customers emails on here and it will say who's getting the sales order notification? Who's getting the invoice, the POD's, or whatever it may be.

And what we can actually do is we can sort of go along to the proof of delivery notifications and we could highlight them all and say, "Yes, we're actually now going to start sending off all the PODs." We could go and we save.

And then what we do is we just simply go back into the related box, go into import custom emails, choose the files and update it. So, that will actually update all of the customers one by one.

For some tenancies, it may not be a big job to go through and do them one by one. But some transport companies can have, you know, thousands of customers. So it makes it nice and easy where we can actually go through and do it all and upload them all in bulk and go through and change them.

And likewise, if we wanted to turn off the notifications to people in bulk, we could go through and set it up that way. But it's just another little sort of useful hidden little gem inside CartonCloud. And hopefully you guys might find it handy

Just another one of Tony's Tips.

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