8 Tips for Choosing a WMS Provider in Australia

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Today there is a range of Australian-based WMS providers, with many warehouses ready to move into the digital age.

Yet there appears to be a large gap in what many are currently offering. From missing features to a complete lack of ongoing support, you could be in for a rough ride if you choose the wrong WMS provider.

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Choose a full-service WMS Australia company

We’re advocates of avoiding the low-cost solutions out there, because you generally get what you pay for. With software, you need a full service solution that carries you reliably through many years.

Let’s share some tips for those currently shopping around:

1. Look at the features you need

Some warehouse management systems are light on features, whilst others are quite heavy. You have unique needs in your operation which commands unique features, so look are precisely what you need, both now and into the future as you grow.

2. Avoid the lowest possible price

Yep! We’ll say it again - please avoid the lowest possible price. This is perhaps the worst determining factor as to whether a solution is right for you. Paying extra for more features can save you a significant amount in the long term.

3. Ask where their team is located

CartonCloud is all based right here in Australia! We can’t say the same for some of our competitors. There are those who use overseas support teams, resulting in lost jobs and delayed support for the end-user.

4. Audit their online reputation

Go and check the online reputation of a company you’re looking to utilize. What are their past and present clients showcasing? Capterra and Software Advice are two excellent portals to find legitimate Australian WMS providers.

5. See if you’re actually a good fit

Whilst you might be excited at the prospect in using a piece of software, you’ll want to check if you’re actually a good fit. Some providers only work with small warehouses, some work best with 3PL environments whilst others only best fit warehouses with more than 100 employees.

6. Question if they have real experience

Some of our competitors are out of touch with the industry. We started CartonCloud only after running our successful transport business in Sydney. Even today we’re very much in touch with the industry and recognize the daily challenges and constant changes in the industry.

7. Check their website very closely

We would recommend that you have a very close look at what is offered on their website. Is there simply just a few basic pages? Right here on CartonCloud we have literally hundreds of informative articles, videos and now even some helpful guides available for free. This is all backed by our genuine industry experience.

8. Request a demo from 3 competitors

Jumping on board with an Australian WMS provider immediately doesn’t give you the chance to audit if there are any better suited options out there. Reach out to 3 of the best options you have and request a demonstration.

Let us be 1 of those 3

Speaking of software demonstrations, reach out to us today! We’re value-focused, not sales-focused and would be eager to showcase our impressive features. CartonCloud could be the perfect match for your current operation.

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Streamline your logistics operations today

Streamline your logistics operations today
Oct 23, 2023
Mar 2, 2020
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Streamline your logistics operations today

Streamline your logistics operations today