Beta Product Update - Trackables Behind The Scenes

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Trackables - Behind The Scenes

Our development team has been working on an exciting project called Trackables which has been in development since late 2017. We were lucky enough to be granted the funds for the development of this project from the Queensland Government's Advance QLD initiative to build this significant improvement to the solution.

However over the past 12 months we've been unable to show our customers and current users what we've been working on, as the majority of the work over has been on the architecture of the back end and building it so we can scale with 100x more users and customers.

What we mean by the this is, if you look at how they build skyscrapers a huge amount of work and time is in the design stages, laying the foundation and building the underground carparks, things which are largely invisible to those walking by. This is the same for Trackables, we've been focusing on building a solid foundation so we can build out all the awesome features we have in the pipeline to improve your operations.

This week, for the first time, our development team is giving us a sneak peek behind the Beta version of this epic project.

Note: This new functionality is not yet available to our users as we want to make sure we have all the bells and whistles, plus kinks ironed out before releasing it to operating companies.

Check out the video below where Tony walks you through the following major enhancements that Trackables provides:

  • From/To Zone charging
  • Massively configurable Rate Cards
  • Consignment Items (line-items on Consignments)

Part #2 - BTS Trackables Mobiles application

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