Can small logistics companies capture data for supply chain visibility?

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Supply chain stability and network-wide visibility is an integral part of modern 3PL last-mile logistics, long haul, and freight forwarding —and having up-to-date inventory and delivery data available for your team, your customers, and partners is essential in providing seamless, integrated supply chain networks.

So what does that mean for small-medium logistics companies?

For small and medium-size businesses, bridging the digital divide to take their companies online can be a daunting thought. What about entry costs? The hardware required? Integrations with customers, and more. However, cloud-based subscription software is changing this, providing easy-to-use, easy-to-set up, and affordable software that fits seamlessly into daily workflows to capture data, automate processes, and provide accurate data transparency. 

Let’s take a look at how SaaS logistics management software like CartonCloud is helping SMB logistics providers to take their business online, with ease.  

First of all, what does supply chain visibility actually mean to SMB operators?

Supply chain visibility means having transparency across all moving parts; for their business, for their customers and partners, and even their customer’s customers — which can become tricky. Modern-day supply chains and distribution networks have many moving parts, including businesses and operators of varying sizes and with varied systems. It’s a complex and fast-moving puzzle, requiring accurate data updates across many moving parts, to keep everything running smoothly. 

This is why having digital systems and software interactions allowing data flow is essential, for each step of the supply chain. Having a system that allows you to seamlessly integrate digital data capture into your workflows means you can ensure your data is accurate, without actually having to think about it. Here’s how. 

Seamless integration to current workflows 

Time-consuming manual tasks like picking and packing warehouse orders from a printout, or entering warehouse put away locations by hand after they are stored, can result in enormous expenses for companies, boosting overheads and reducing the opportunity for growth. The same is true for recording charges on paper spreadsheets, or trying to manually assign orders for pick and pack, and many other manual data processes that many small companies use day to day. 

However, real-time data entry can be simplified through barcode scanning, automated wave pick allocations, and more streamlined processes, to save time and boost efficiency all in one. 

CartonCloud’s warehouse and transport management software is based on simplifying the user experience, making digitalization so easy. Each step within the workflow is easily captured and recorded in the system as you go, with automated data entry streamlined into daily workflows, to reduce manual time and effort.  Incoming orders are seamlessly entered into the system through software integrations that can also provide two-way updates for complete order transparency, end to end. 

What’s more — it fits seamlessly into your processes at each step, from the office to the warehouse floor, packing area, dispatch bay and throughout delivery. 

The CartonCloud applications are designed for both desktop use and mobile use, ensuring all team members and partners have the information and tools you need, when you need it, to simplify your workload and boost accuracy. With Digital workflows and data automation, you can reduce your overheads, increase output, and establish simplified workflows that can be scaled up for growth. 

Overcome entry costs with pay-as-you-go subscriptions 

Not only is SaaS software making supply chain visibility easy to incorporate into daily tasks, it is also bringing down set-up barriers with scalable, pay-as-you-go subscriptions.  

Many small businesses simply can’t afford to commit to large upfront fees to implement top-tier logistics management systems, and as such end up relying on paper-based records and manual data entry. However, the availability of flexible and affordable digital systems is changing the scene, allowing smaller businesses to implement systems tailored to their needs that can be scaled up as they grow. 

CartonCloud’s applications are created to simplify complex logistics through easy-to-use technology. This is why it’s designed to be used on your existing desktop computer, iPad, and smartphone with the mobile app. You can use a mobile computer with an inbuilt scanner, or simply pair your mobile with a Bluetooth scanner and you can start barcode scanning right away. This way, logistics providers can start reducing overheads immediately, with streamlined workflows, greater accuracy, and automated data entry — without the hassle of enormous up-front costs. 

Bridging the digital divide 

While customer expectations and requirements may be driving the push to go digital, there are many benefits for small and medium-size logistics companies to replace paper-based processes with digital workflows and cloud-based systems. As more and more aspects of business move to the digital realm, it has become more important than ever for small logistics companies to offer online tracking and order placement. 

CartonCloud’s cloud-based management software allows businesses to track their inventory through warehousing and distribution channels, and oversee order fulfillment with greater transparency — giving smaller operators the ability to provide supply chain visibility to their customers and partners. 

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Streamline your logistics operations today

Streamline your logistics operations today
Oct 23, 2023
Jul 22, 2022
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Streamline your logistics operations today

Streamline your logistics operations today