Marie Di Losa: What interested us in going with CartonCloud, was that what we in our mind, we knew how to run, what we needed to make it run better was always answered yes. We go to all the main country areas three times a week, some areas are six days a week, and we cover all through Victoria even up to over the border of New South Wales. We do our Wagga, we do Griffith, we go up to Hay, we do Mildura, even across to South Australia to Mount Gambier. There's very few areas that we don't cover.

Marie Di Losa: We had one system, Crossdock, which took us out of excel, but it was very limited what we could do. We still had a lot of manual data entry to do.

Jagdish C: Now with the CartonCloud warehouse management system and transport management system, we really don't do anything. With the CartonCloud, it goes automatically in their hands once we get the manifest in our system when the supplier sends the manifest into our CartonCloud. If they don't send CartonCloud, we can still input if they are big customers or a big manifest. If it's one or two, we can still key it in, so we still have those options in CartonCloud, but most of our customers sending straight into CartonCloud, so we just need to check the manifest is the correct one and we have the stock here, then we just push it to warehouse. And those jobs automatically go in the runs.

Jagdish C: They couldn't do anything. They used to call us and find out how many deliveries I have tomorrow and which area I have tomorrow. Was little bit headache because used to call every day the drivers. We got really around 40 drivers, we can't call 40 drivers every day. Now with the CartonCloud when we post the job the driver can see when they post it in application in your phone. You can see what jobs you have for tomorrow for delivery. If they see something wrong or anything, they can call us and just let us know. If everything's fine they just go asleep for morning to wake up early and start delivering. That's it.

Julie Boyes: Just had to charge a per carton rate, it wouldn't group anything together. So I had to check whether customers had multiple deliveries to the one store on the same day. I had to do that for every customer. That alone would take up at least a day and half of work if not more. If note more. So Saturday clear it. Carton Cloud just does it automatically at midnight on Saturday night, so it was ready for me on Monday. The transition from to Carton Cloud to me invoice wise has been as smooth as anything. For me it's a joy. The accuracy of this application is absolutely brilliant. I cannot get over what it does. It does my job in half.


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