With automated invoicing, easy to use rate cards, and integrations with accounting applications, CartonCloud ensures your invoicing process is seamless and stress free. Our latest Product Update is aimed at giving our customers even more flexibility with their invoicing experience.

Customised Invoice Summaries take the existing functionality of the Invoice Summary and gives you more control over what information is included. You will still be provided with the same detailed charge information and visibility to provide to your clients, however, we have now introduced the option of customising the Purchase Order and Sale Order tabs to include additional dates (packed, dispatched, allocated), and both standard and custom fields that relate to those records.

This extra data will help ensure invoicing accuracy and provide your customers with greater detail and transparency when they are reviewing their charges. This ensures that you can provide a tailored invoice experience for your operation and your clients to maintain an excellent end to end customer experience.

Your customers will be empowered with the knowledge they need to understand their charges and you will cut down on time spent answering invoice queries. This saves both you and your customers time and money and helps you get paid faster!

To have your Invoice Summaries customised, please reach out to the CartonCloud team

To find out more information on Customised Invoice Summaries check out our Knowledge Base Article (underneath the Invoice Summary heading). 


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