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Detrack is a solid platform for proof of delivery, but some Australians are been searching for a viable alternative for electronic tracking and POD. Ideally, something more feature-rich.

In this article, we'll be showcasing who Detrack is for, who it isn't for, some great alternatives including how CartonCloud may be a better fit for your distribution business.

Overview and Alternatives to Detrack

Detrack is ideal for vehicle tracking and instant notifications for delivery. You can utlize sign-on-glass technology without the high expenses that are typically associated with such platforms.

The platform is then ideal for the small business who's just getting started and moving away from paper-based systems. As a SaaS platform, it allows you to get your taste of automation yet isn't so feature-rich and scalable as others.

For those looking to build to 30+ employees, there are simply better alternatives out there. It's best to consider such other packages now since later migrations can be challenging.

1. CartonCloud

CartonCloud is leading the way in the Australian marketplace. We're built on experience after having run a 3PL down in Sydney for several years. Not only do we provide driver tracking and sign-on-glass technology, but we also automate warehouse, receiving allocations and dispatch.

We're ready to go yet always customize our platform to meet client-specific needs. We're currently working with several hundred clients across Australia, New Zealand and indeed South-East Asia too.

2. EZTrackIt

For those who simply want package tracking without the extras of CartonCloud, then another great alternative to Detrack is EZTrackIT. Its simplified dashboard is ideal for simple end-users such as flower deliveries and dry cleaners.

The pricing is very affordable and many users have had a solution experience with their platform. This is generally one of the better options for owner-drivers who need a basic solution to start with.

3. Notifii Track

For something more team-orientated, check out Notifii Track. This package tracking and delivery app is more suited towards hotel and tourism-related logistics with small teams at the loading dock.

Teams can work together scanning packagines in while sending automatic notifications to receipts on both ends. You can capture photos, signatures and while also creating extensive user reports.

4. Zoom2u

Very popular in Australia is Zoom2u and has a higher user-base than Detrack. This platform is commonly used in eCommerce environments and specifically B2C.

This isn't a SaaS product but rather a company that manages deliveries on behalf of other big companies, and just happens to have an excellent live tracking app. With many solid industry awards across Australia, we've certainly left one of the best until last!

What to consider

When shopping around for a logistics tracking app, consider your future needs. The transition in the future can be slow and expensive, yet sticking with a platform which has limited features and functionality can also slow down your growth.

We believe in looking out 5 to 7 years into the future. What does your business look like? A decent fleet + warehouse + national distribution? If so, you may need something more robust today that you can grow into over time with pricing based on your current usage.

We welcome you to get in touch today with CartonCloud for a free demo.

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Streamline your logistics operations today

Streamline your logistics operations today
Oct 23, 2023
Jan 1, 2018
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Streamline your logistics operations today

Streamline your logistics operations today