(GP) 5 Australian Alternatives to Freight2020

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Searching for an alternative to Freight2020 by Transport Systems? Their happens to be 5 solid contenders who provide transport and warehouse management systems including driver tracking and fleet management.

Freight2020 is the Australian offering from WiseTech Global group; an ASX listed company with roots in many western countries. While they offer excellent performance and integration, some Australian companies prefer to deal with fellow Australian companies.

Alternatives to Freight2020

Whether you're into moving containers, pallets or cartons, there are certainly some good options out there.

1. CartonCloud

Naturally, we're going out a little biased here. We believe we've created the best Australian transport and warehouse management system for small to medium businesses. We serve those who are looking to reclaim more hours in the day, reduce errors and revenue leakage. Previously we ran our own 3PL in Sydney so we very well understand the challenges in the industry.

2. Infocomm Software

Infocomm Software is a solid Freight2020 alternative which is born and bred in Australia. Their bread and butter customers include transport companies, distributors and those in the manufacturing space. A key point of difference is 30 years experience in Australia and their ERP software is designed as a complete supply chain solution.

3. ASP

ASP is known for their hardware and software offerings with clients often being in the government or high enterprise space. There are both packaged solutions as well as custom-built solutions for those with unique and complex needs. ASP has their roots more-so in the warehousing space rather than transport and logistics so will better suit those who are inventory-heavy and with a large fleet.

4. Allotrac

As a newer player into the Australian market, Allotrac provides total management of jobs, vehicles, drivers and freight in one spot and with real-time updates. With an ever-increasing focus on safety and fatigue-management in the transport industry, their solution can ensure drivers are completing prestarts and logbooks accurately for better compliance management.

5. Consignmate

Consignmate is apart of the Imagesoft brand and is another new entry into the Australian market. Their solution helps better management the operations between senders, carriers and receivers through easily creating jobs which can be tracked from order to invoice. As a cloud-based solution, there aren't any lock-in contracts just like CartonCloud.

Going forward

Freight2020 remains as a solid solution with several hundred Australian companies currently using their platform. Can their website be improved? Absolutely! We would love to see some testimonials.

In our instance, CartonCloud has dozens of video testimonials. Check out our testimonials page and when you're ready to go, get in touch for a free demo.

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Streamline your logistics operations today

Streamline your logistics operations today
Oct 23, 2023
Jan 1, 2018
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Streamline your logistics operations today

Streamline your logistics operations today