January Product Update Roundup

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Jake and Ralph, CartonCloud Ideas Smashathon

We’re excited to share a significant product update roundup for January, including WMS and TMS updates, general usability enhancements, and a selection of new features completed during our CartonCloud 'Ideas Smashathon"! Check out the list below, and head to our Knowledge Base Release Log for more details. 

Bringing in the New Year with new features 

Over the end-of-year period, our development team took on a range of product updates and enhancements from our ideas portal and road map in what we affectionately called The CartonCloud Ideas Smashathon

While the end-of-year is a busy time for our customers, it is a quieter time for our new features development teams — as we don’t want to be making too many changes to the system while our customers are experiencing high demand. 

The Ideas Smashathon was planned to take advantage of the holiday period, allowing the teams to work on a range of smaller features and improvements that could be completed and released within a few weeks. 

Our development team selected 30 features and enhancements from our road map which could be completed within a few weeks and set to work on a ‘Smashathon’. 

Some of this month's product update highlights include:

  • Improved allocation tools and visibility for consignments
  • More visibility and workflow options for sale orders
  • Enhanced administrator tools and tracking
  • Additional fields and filters are available in sales order and purchase order reports
  • And much more!

See a full list of the January updates below and follow the like to the Knowledge Base page for more information. *List updated January 30th, 2023.

January WMS enhancements

We’ve made it easier to view and control changes to Sales Orders and Purchase Orders and increased options for wave pick.

  • Include the country field in the Sale Order report
  • Additional field to track when Sale Orders have pack lists exported and printed and ability to add to view page and filter or sort by this field
  • Show a flag within a Sale Order if an RTS Purchase Order has been triggered from the order
  • Show a success message and display the result of the Stock Adjustment to the user on the screen after completing the adjustment 
  • Make the ‘Add Without Assigning Stock’ button available to users in with the Customer user role to enable them to create orders without having to allocate available stock 
  • Increased configuration options and logic for Sale Order Cut Off Times and Expected Ship Date determination
  • Updated message when verifying a Purchase Order that still has unconfirmed quantities on the mobile app 
  • Add the ability to Print Customer Invoice from Wave Pick Page on the web application
  • Introduce the option to filter and select Urgent orders on the Wave Pick Add Page 

January TMS enhancements 

We’ve increased the visibility of driver and vehicle allocation and made information easier to find on consignments, giving you greater oversight of operations with fewer clicks.  

January General UI (app design) improvements 

Want to know more? 

We are constantly working on building new and innovative features, designed to help your business today and future-proof you as our industry evolves. Every idea submitted to our ideas portal is read and reviewed by our expert product team, to identify the features and workflows we can include in our roadmap, to continue to deliver the best version of our WMS/TMS software to you, our customers. To track the progress of ideas selected through the Customer Ideas Portal, simply submit or vote for a specific idea to receive automated updates if the feature is selected for development. 

You can keep up to date with all CartonCloud updates via our Release Log, and find out more about each individual feature at our Knowledge Base

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