Logistics management software features

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Logistics management software features

If you’re looking for logistics management software, then there are some key features that you need to highly consider. Today we’ll share 5 features that companies across Australia, NZ and SE Asia should look out for.

1. Simplified user experience

Many users cling to the old paper-based system because it keeps things simple. We believe that software needs to be simple and easy to use, paired with its far superior benefits. The training time should be minimal for logistics personnel to utilise quickly, no matter their role in the organisation.

CartonCloud has an excellent dashboard with an emphasis on a simple user experience. We didn’t want things to be complicated, as we know based on our own experience, how personnel react to new systems. Text and buttons are large and easy to read, and users can opt to show on the information they require.

2. Software support

A key feature of any logistics management software is the support that should be provided. Consider how support is offered (phone, email, on-site) and how regularly it's given. Most importantly, how quick can such a company respond to issues.

We’re locally based on the Gold Coast with many clients across the larger capital cities in Australia and New Zealand. A key reason why many clients choose us is the support we provide, not just in the setup phase, but ongoing as your business continues to grow and evolve.

3. Route optimisation

One of the most common frustrations that we heard in our previous logistics business from drivers is the lost time in poor route optimisation. Some drivers, especially those new to the operation, would routinely have to backtrack. This causes excessive fuel wastage and an increased time-cost.

CartonCloud can optimise your route for your entire fleet of drivers quite easily. It’s based on start and stop address, and can be done by your fleet allocator or simply by the driver himself.

4. Proof of Delivery

One of the biggest reasons why logistics companies choose to consider some management software for their operations is the proof of delivery feature. The frustration of lost paperwork and further friction with customers is a key frustration worth avoiding.

Not only can we provide a digital Proof of Delivery that freight schedulers can see instantly, drivers themselves can input data. This includes waiting time, taking images of damaged stock, and showing freight temperature and axle loading. This all leads to greater workplace policy and industry compliance.

5. No lock-in contracts

You shouldn’t be locked in for years with any management software you choose for your logistics or warehouse operation. Key decision makers should have the choice to transition across to another provider if the need arises.

Here at CartonCloud, we’re proud of our cloud-based offering. Further still, we know that our logistics and warehouse management system is robust, reliable and packed with useful features. So much so, that the vast majority of clients are immensely satisfied with our platform and stick around for the long term.

Working together

If you’re looking to empower your staff, plus give your clients a much better experience, then consider a free demo account today! Give us a call or shoot us an email - we’ll be happy to evaluate how CartonCloud can fit into your operation today.

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Streamline your logistics operations today

Streamline your logistics operations today
Oct 23, 2023
Aug 12, 2019
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Streamline your logistics operations today

Streamline your logistics operations today