New Year’s resolution: Get more from your WMS!

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Check out why this year’s resolution is the only one you will actually want to keep!

When you say goodbye to paper records with CartonCloud’s cloud-based WMS and TMS software, you achieve much more than simply cutting out paper processes. You’re tapping into intuitive workflows to boost accuracy, using secure integrations to simplify order and inventory management, saving days of admin hours each week with automated rates and invoicing, and much more.

Rather than cutting out Friday cheat nights, joining the gym (again), or making unrealistic promises for your fantasy football team finally making playoffs this year... we have a resolution you can actually stick to.

Get more from your WMS. It’s simple.

Your warehouse management system is the backbone of your company, and it should be helping you to save time, increase productivity and accuracy, and boost daily order output — you should have more to offer your customers, and more hours in the day to focus on the things you want.

If your warehouse and transport management system isn’t giving you the leg up, and headache-free days you deserve, this new year it’s time for a change.

CartonCloud’s integrated warehouse and transport management software provides intuitive 3PL software for growing businesses. Our features are developed by people with experience in the industry, designed specifically to alleviate the day-to-day struggles of logistics people and ake your lives easier.

How? Check out a few New Year resolutions you can achieve with your new WMS. 👀

⏰ Time travel: Get more hours in your day

Get more time to focus on the things that matter! CartonCloud’s WMS and TMS take care of the data for you — with automated reporting, invoicing and rates, and streamlined workflows to let you track and manage orders from end to end.

We save our customers an average of 8hrs a week— just with automated invoicing. Imagine the time you’ll save across all of your operations!

"We're saving 40-60 hours a week, but doing 50% more!" — Liquex 3PL.

💆 Reduce stress: Achieve "inbox zero" level of relaxation

You don’t need to create a new email address and abandon the old one to achieve this goal.

With CartonCloud’s seamless and secure integrations, you can have orders automated through online ordering, or automatically entered from customer email PDF attachments! Want to know what it feels like to look at a clean inbox with all of your orders entered? You can.

🐰🎩 Learn a magic trick: Automated invoicing

Invoice-iarmous! Complete your invoices with even less than the wave of a magic wand. 💫 With CartonCloud’s WMS and TMS software, you can automate invoicing to be completed while you sleep!

Simply set your rate cards and CartonCloud will calculate them as you go, racking storage charges, stock movement and ad hoc charges, pick and pack, dispatch, and more — and simply set an automated trigger, and the system will calculate the invoice for you, based on that. This means you can arrive each morning, well-rested, with your invoicing already completed from the day before.

🤖 Embrace new tech (with ease): Barcode scanning & mobile apps

Are you struggling to keep up with all of the new tech and gadgets constantly coming out? Why not get a system that takes care of the updates for you, while simplifying learning and use — get CartonCloud!

Give your team the tools they need to boost accuracy with barcode scanning and automated stock reports, and automate data entry for speed.

Remove the chance of accidental mistakes at every turn with CartonCloud’s easy-to-use system, which fits your team's workflows perfectly.


❤️ Pay it forward: Deliver more to your customers!

This year,  you can pay it forward with ease. The benefits you gain from using CartonCloud’s intuitive and powerful cloud-based 3PL software also give your customers a range of benefits!

You can provide real-time reports and updates to your customers without even lifting a finger! What's more, your customers can also keep an eye on their own orders and inventory 24/7 from their customer portal dashboard.

They can upload files, view orders, and generate configurable reports when they need to — or, even set up notifications for low stock warnings or other triggers like incoming orders, order fulfillment, and delivery.

📈 Are you ready to set your 3PL up for growth?

You can see our powerful Warehouse Management System and Transport Management System in action and explore our range of features designed to automate your data and simplify your operations, letting you do more with less. Contact our team to book your FREE Demo tour and see how CartonCloud can revolutionize your operations. 👇

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Streamline your logistics operations today

Streamline your logistics operations today
Jan 22, 2024
Jan 2, 2024
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Streamline your logistics operations today

Streamline your logistics operations today