Pt. #2 - Iannace Refrigerated Transport

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Vince: So last year, one of your staff decided to set up the warehousing system all by himself, 'cause you'd actually been running the transport system only up until that point. I just wanted to know how you found that, in my mind, that was actually some pretty-

Angelo Iannace: 12 months later?

Vince: At the time he did it and now.

Angelo Iannace: Okay, so I think the biggest problem, this where I get a little bit emotional, because at the time I actually called Jimmy a few names, when he was trying to set it up because he suggested to me that it was going to be up and running at Easter time, the busiest time of the year for us in transport, right? 12 months down the track it is the best thing that ever happened from a warehouse point of view. It saved me a monster. It saved me an absolute monster. So it's a no-brainer, but you've seen how easy it is now for us.

Interviewer: Oh yeah.

Angelo Iannace: We're picking a lot of orders out of it, and now everything has a barcode, everything has a sticker, it's so easy to find anything we're looking for. No stocks going missing, so it's good. But at the time Jimmy did cop a absolute shellacking from me because there's some bloke when we're meant to be picking, playing click click click on the computer, the IT geek.

Interviewer: I'm sure you'd congratulate him.

Angelo Iannace: Now yeah, now yeah.

Vince: Yeah.

Angelo Iannace: Not then.

Vince: Now. Last question. When we got the integration between CartonCloud and MYOB up and running, so you didn't have to key jobs or key invoices across-

Angelo Iannace: I think at the beginning we were keying weren't we?

Vince: You were, for about the first three or four months, and then we had the MYOB stuff come out. How has Jess ... I'm assuming you've probably found that pretty good?

Angelo Iannace: It's the best thing, like Jess actually got a weekend. So Jess would come in, spend most of Friday and all of Saturday invoicing, and that's all she would do is invoice. Now she comes in and I don't want it to come across as Jess is lazy, 'cause Jess is far from lazy, but she comes in, casually comes in, enters a few invoices, bang it's all done for her, most of it's done throughout the week, where she can make the adjustments and stuff like that. From a customer's point of view, there's never a question now. Everything line by line tells them that particular invoice cost them X amount of dollars. So from a customer's point of view, they know exactly what their deliveries cost them, and what margins they've made on that consignment. From our perspective it's the same thing. You know like I know exactly what income's come in from a consignment. Like from Jess's perspective it's freed her up a number of hours a week. So it's all good. Everyone likes it.

Vince: Really cool.

Angelo Iannace: All right?

Vince: All right.

Angelo Iannace: Cool.

Vince: That's great.

Angelo Iannace: Done. Cheers.

Vince: Thank you. Cheers guys.

Angelo Iannace: Salute.

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Streamline your logistics operations today

Streamline your logistics operations today
Oct 23, 2023
Jul 6, 2018
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Streamline your logistics operations today

Streamline your logistics operations today