Product update! We've added functionality to our Transport Rates to give users more control over the way their rates are calculated and provide further checks to ensure that no revenue is being missed due to undercharging or data entry issues. 

This change relates to the way we calculate item code based charges for consignments. The improvement will ensure that every item code contained on a consignment will calculate a charge, unless you have selected that that item code is allowed a zero charge.

This can be helpful to ensure that if any mistakes occur when the consignment is created, for example, if a user accidentally enters a value into the wrong field, such as quantity instead of pallets or pallets instead of space. If 'Allow Zero Charge' has not been enabled and a user has not entered values against the consignment item correctly, the system will raise an error advising that you may be undercharging and to check your consignment item values.

By default this setting is disabled on any existing Transport Rates meaning that if there is a zero charge, it will raise a charge error if data is missing from the relevant field in the consignment.

If you have any item code based charges where you want a zero charge calculation to be permitted, please review those charges to enable this setting. For more information on this change, please refer to our Knowledge Base article or contact support at


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