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In the end, your system is often only as good as your team's use of it. That's why we aim to ensure CartonCloud is the most user-friendly warehouse and transport management system out.

Managing and implementing change can be hard, but when the system you're switching to is better than the last, and empowers your team to do more with less... well, it makes it a whole lot easier to get the team on board. 

A common piece of feedback is how simple the mobile app is to use and train staff on, and how our desktop app automation literally saves hours of admin time, simplifying their workload and allowing them to grow their business. 

However, at the start, implementing a new system can be daunting for any company. This might be the result of a failed system implementation in the past, or simply the thought of doing things differently to the way they were always done. We take a look at a few ways to help bring your entire team on board with your new software, before implementation. 

First of all, don't just take it from us! Hear directly from our customers about their own experiences implementing CartonCloud, training their teams, and using the system to streamline their workflows. 

See how your software can help overcome pain points 

Your warehouse and transport management system in designed to make your life, and the lives of your team easier, overcoming daily pain points, simplifying workflows and streamlining data for accuracy. Allowing you and your team to do more, with less. That's a great place to start when introducing your staff to a new system. 

Highlight inventory pick difficulties or the time and energy wasted in returns for mispicks, the time required for painstaking manual data entry, or the frustration of miscommunication of ordering that requires constant workarounds or stress for your staff. 

With a cloud-based logistics management system, you can streamline workflows for simplicity, ensure accuracy, and automate data to save time. 

Easy-to-use interfaces can simplify training

We're constantly improving our product and finding new ways to make your life easier. Part of this, is offering support for initial implementation, and also providing health checks aa few months in, to ensure you're using your new system to the fullest capacity. We also provide updates and ongoing support as new features are rolled out across the system. 

Likewise, it's important to ensure your team understand the system and how it can benefit them. We have a number of video tutorials to support your staff training, and your own understanding of the ins and outs fo the software. 

To simplify use across your operations however, our mobile app includes various role options, where your staff can simply choose between picking, scan and move, driver, or barcode scan, depending on their role and operations. It's so straight forward, you can simply pick it up and go! Check out this short video tutorial to see how simple training can be! 

Empowering your staff with new technology

You might also encourage your team to use staff meetings to discuss how they've used the software. For example, 'Brian' had 3 pallets of damaged freight caused by an unsecured 200L drum in his curtain-sider which he could take photos of right there on the spot.

Likewise, encourage staff to talk about how the software has benefited them in the first 2 weeks. Take David for example - he used to be called 4 times per day as to his whereabouts which caused frustrating, as he didn't want to talk while driving. Today his position is tracked in the app resulting in 0 phone calls, and his wait times at customer loading docks can be accurately documented with a few clicks.

Customisable software solutions — remember it's your software

Yes - some employees aren't going to be happy with change. Typically it's the older crew who have been there 10+ years with the old school approach. However, the beauty of a customisable system is that you can set it up to work for you, and your operations. rather than completely changing the way you operate, you can focus on simplifying complex operations, streamlining workflows and building in accuracy to your existing tasks. the software works for you, to boost your systems and optimize the way you work. 

And while some employees might not be happy initially, after a few weeks they are likely to wonder just how they got by with the paper trail.

Want to know more?

Get in touch with our friendly team today to book a FREE Demo at a time that suits you. See our software in action, talk to our experienced team about your operations and services, and find out how CartonCloud can help you revolutionize your operations with ease. 

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Streamline your logistics operations today

Streamline your logistics operations today
Oct 23, 2023
Aug 5, 2022
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Streamline your logistics operations today

Streamline your logistics operations today