Top Trends Recap: Technology empowering the logistics workforce

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The future of logistics systems lies in exploring not what technology can do in comparison to humans— but in looking at what humans can do while aided by technology. Empowering the logistics workforce to achieve more, increasing safety and workforce enjoyment, and opening up new opportunities to engage a wider workforce in logistics roles. 

We take a look at some of the leading innovation in the logistics sector, and how technology is empowering the logistics workforce today and into the future. 

What’s next for logistics?

Market pressures to meet increased demand, faster delivery timeframes, and greener practices are driving the emergence of new and innovative tech solutions across the supply chain.

Logistics providers are using technology and software solutions to focus on optimization: streamlining their own workflows, processes, and tasks to get more out of every dollar and resource they have. In order to provide faster and cheaper services, while still growing a scalable and sustainable operation— logistics operators must be working smarter to find efficiencies, and build strong, integrated networks.

In addition, the demand for faster and more flexible omnichannel ordering and delivery options has resulted in the emergence of new technology and various multi-modal options like driverless vehicles, drones, e-bikes, delivery robots and more. 

However, technical innovation in logistics is not about replacing humans — it’s about empowering our workforce to do more. Robotics, automation and software can remove the need for certain manual tasks, and increase workforce output and productivity. 

What’s more— it can actually reduce risk for humans working in various high-risk conditions, remove tedious and time-consuming tasks, and increase efficiency while also boosting workforce fulfillment and widening hiring opportunities.  

Can technology straighten the kinks from the supply chain?

Collaborative actions provide an opportunity to minimize resource use and reduce overheads— making integrations and smart partnerships one of the most valuable means of optimizing workflows.

Put simply; it means that the future of logistics lies in the ability for providers to collaborate, partner, or outsource services for the most efficient supply chain. 
Software solutions and robotics are becoming more accessible to all areas of the logistics sector through ‘as a service' subscription models.

CartonCloud's powerful, cloud-based software provides mission-critical automation and management for small-medium-sized logistics businesses. This gives them the tools they need to digitize their operations, automate manual data entry, optimize workflows, and much more, to reduce overheads, empower their workforce and increase fulfillment. Similarly, other tech innovations are empowering the logistics workforce to do more with greater accuracy and safety. 

Accessing innovation for small businesses  

Smaller logistics businesses can start optimizing operations and empowering their workforce with warehouse and transport management software, user-centered technology designed to remove manual tasks and increase productivity. 

WMS and TMS software provides intuitive automation to streamline workflows, simplify complex operations, and empower teams to do more with less. 
Our software is designed by logistics people, for logistics people, with every design feature, functionality, and update created to make the lives of logistics people easier — while allowing them to grow their business. 

Digitally enabled workforce of the future  

With greater access to logistics technology and automation and human-centric technology, the world of work within logistics is beginning to change.  The last few years have seen an increase in demand coupled with workforce shortages due to illness, skills shortages, and other retention issues— which has led workforce hiring and retention to be one of the top concerns for logistics companies across the globe.

Right now, we’re seeing a range of robotic solutions being introduced to support and empower the human workforce. These robots aren’t designed to replace humans, but to change the expectations of humans, take individuals out of unsafe or undesirable working environments, and simplify workloads to boost productivity.

It is also opening the door to new forms of employment within the sector, increasing the talent pool for companies to hire from, and building new employment opportunities within the sector.

  • Remote control machinery (like forklifts) can operate in high risk or uncomfortable conditions like high or low temperatures, being controlled by a driver who is operating from the comfort of their home or office. This could allow drivers to contract more flexible operations between multiple clients, and allow various facilities to rent the services via a subscription, rather than covering the costs for full-time staff and machinery outright.
  • Other robotic solutions provide a niche service for unwanted roles, such as robots for unloading heavy cargo; a role that is highly physical and can be high risk.
  • Remote operational technology and simulations are also empowering companies to reduce risk with proactive problem-solving and interaction from a safe distance.

We attended the Manifest: Future of logistics conference held in Las Vegas this year, alongside a number of peers providing technical solutions to industry members — and working together to explore how we can build a connected industry for the future. 

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Streamline your logistics operations today

Streamline your logistics operations today
Oct 23, 2023
Mar 1, 2023
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Streamline your logistics operations today

Streamline your logistics operations today