CartonCloud’s transport management system (TMS) offers a highly configurable and flexible transport rating solution with your operational and customer needs in mind. We understand that every transport job or customer is different, and having the flexibility to accurately calculate charges in a variety of scenarios is at the heart of what a good TMS provides. This understanding, combined with CartonCloud’s aim to offer a highly customisable rating system, has led to our latest Product Update, the ‘Use Highest Charge’ feature.

Similar to other transport rating functionality, such as Sliding Scales, Maximum Charge and Fuel Levies, the ‘Use Highest Charge’ feature focuses on offering flexibility and a practical solution to your everyday transport challenges.

‘Use Highest Charge’ can be applied to any Charge Group within a Transport Rate. If enabled, CartonCloud will determine which charge within the Charge Group returns the highest value and apply that charging method to the Consignment. Rather than making the manual calculations yourself or recreating and modifying rates on a per job basis, CartonCloud will do the work for you.

If your customer is booking various different types of freight, ‘Use Highest Charge’ will make it even easier to compare different charge methodologies. In the example above, you can easily compare pallets and spaces for charging without having to capture additional information about weight and volume.

This feature offers greater flexibility with how you charge your customers on a job-by-job basis and enables you to more easily build a single rate that covers a range of scenarios, regardless of how your customer books the job. That means you can rest easy knowing that you aren’t missing any revenue.

Using this functionality in conjunction with CartonCloud’s various charging methods enables you to create flexible, automated and customised transport rates that best suit your operational and customer needs. In addition to our seamless integrations into accounting platforms, this helps our transport customers completely automate their entire invoicing process.

To find out more information about how the Use Highest Charge feature works check out our Knowledge Base Article.

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