Join our CEO Vincent onsite at an on-demand warehousing and order fulfilment service as he steps through how simple return to sender is with CartonCloud. 

Receive goods back into your warehouse stock using CartonCloud's RTS Return to Sender functionality, with Gold Coast-based 3PL Collective Logistics.The past few years have seen significant changes in the world of e-commerce fulfilment, with a huge rise in e-commerce demand, and in customer expectations for omnichannel ordering, delivery, and returns. For e-commerce suppliers and 3PLs, these changes mean their systems and processes have had to change as well, in order to keep up. 

Consumer behavior is changing, and having the ability to order multiple items to try at home, and simply return those you don't want to keep has become commonplace with many online retailers. So, what does this mean for their warehouse operations behind the scenes? 


Return to sender 

The returns process is simply an incoming order that was previously dispatched, and you are now re-accepting it into the warehouse. 

It may be that the customer simply didn’t want the item that they purchased or it was the wrong size, or perhaps the item was faulty and needs replacing. Regardless of the reason, with CartonCloud, when it comes back in it’s super straightforward.

As shown in the video, when the returned item comes in, simply look in CartonCloud for who the order went out to, bring up the order itself, and click ‘Create RTS Purchase Order’. This creates a new purchase order showing the stock is going back into the system. The system automates the order, and now you can easily select to receive that purchase order straight back into stock. 


Scan Put away

To physically replace the stock, you can assign to the warehouse location with the rest of that stock, or assign a new location with Scan Putaway

For damaged stock, you can record stock damage in a simple stock report that your customer can view at any time from their customer dashboard. 


Order cancellations 

You can also use this functionality for when you have packed an order that is awaiting dispatch,  and the customer asks you to cancel it. Following the same process, you can simply go back into the sale order, click RTS to generate the new purchase order, and bring it back in. 


Never miss a charge 

One benefit of using a cloud system like CartonCloud for each step of your operations, is it will still capture charging for the sales order and also for the re-receive as well, which means you won't miss out on billing by terminating the order. 


Ordering and delivery software integrations 

With omnichannel ordering becoming the new norm, having the ability to offer seamless software integrations with a number of online ordering and shipping platforms is essential in offering your customers the best service — and letting you skip the headaches of order management and invoicing! 

That's why we have out-of-the-box integrations with a range of popular platforms for online e-commerce and shipping providers. With our integrations, you can seamlessly send order, status, dispatch and returns information between a range of different platforms with ease. Keep your customer happy and their customers even happier, with CartonCloud. 


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