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Are you using Serial Numbers correctly? Join our CEO Vincent onsite with Macknsons Transport, one of our sensitive and high-value freight companies, to run through exactly how the Serial Number functionality works in the CartonCloud web and mobile app in a short video. 

Let's start with what a Serial Number is. A serial Number is a unique identifying number for an individual item, represented by a unique barcode and number and typically preceded by 'SN' or 'S/N' to help differentiate from model numbers and other codes.

We will have all seen them on the outside of computers and electronics, on inventory boxes, and even on the outside of freight packaging of individual items (as in the video example below). 

Serial Numbers are often used by manufacturers to provide visibility in order to trace products for quality control and customer service reasons. This way, products can be backward traced to their source materials, or forward traced to link goods to a specific sale order or purchase order. 

In a warehouse capacity, serial numbers can be used to implement fulfillment strategies (such as FEFO - first expiring, first out), for greater inventory control, or track high-value goods like fridges and other white goods. 

In CartonCloud we have developed a safeguard for stock selection using the item's serial number, allowing you to specify times which must have their serial number verified for picking. If the wrong serial number is scanned, an error message will show immediately so the picker knows that is the wrong item and they can then pick the correct item. 

Providing deliveries across a state almost 4x the size of Texas, it's important to know you have the right item, every time.

Macknson's Transport is a sensitive freight delivery business based in Perth, providing high-value delivery across Western Australia — a state that is 3.8 times the size of Texas.

Join CartonCloud CEO Vincent onsite with the team at Macknson to see how they use the serial number function to optimize item picking for high-value white goods — ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

To learn more about CartonCloud's Serial Number functionality visit our Knowledge Base article here.

Simplifying Serial Number Verification 

Serial number verification is an important feature in inventory management for many businesses, and as with everything we do — we've aimed to make this feature as useful and as valuable as possible to your business outcomes.

In your CartonCloud TMS and WMS app, simply navigate to Settings and turn on the option to make that item 'serial number verifiable'. When you're scanning the Serial Number barcode, it then forces you to ensure that you're picking the correct serial number.

On the mobile app for pickers, this then ensures the correct item is selected from the order, even when selecting from a row of inventory that all look similar. 

Want to know more? Find more helpful tips to optimize your warehouse and transport at Vincent's Tips YouTube Playlist

The benefits of Serial Number tracing in Logistics 

The key benefit of utilizing serial number verification for freight is the ability to track individual items throughout their journey and to identify source data for individual items or batches.

This in itself allows a range of other benefits from optimization through using serial numbers, including batch management and reduction of expired goods (using FEFO), and also seamless returns. 

Use Serial Number verification to 

  • boost inventory accuracy 
  • reduce shipping errors 
  • simplify reporting 
  • enhance traceability 
  • access details of the product 
  • much more!

Serialized products are easier to manage during the returns process because the item can be tracked back to an order, including customer, delivery, and purchase details within the WMS system. This enhances your stock reports and provides transparency for customers. 

Tracking serial numbers can also provide actionable data for your business, showing you the popularity of certain items, including purchasing and delivery trends. 

Another benefit of tracking serial numbers in logistics is the ability to show proof of an individual item's purchase, pick, dispatch and delivery — giving you and your customers greater transparency in reporting. 

Want to know more?

Speak to our team about setting up your WMS and TMS for tracking and reporting success today. You can find out more about Serial Number Tracing and verification at our Knowledge Base article here. Or see our powerful software in action by contacting our friendly team for a free demo of our software.

*Page last updated February 2023

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Streamline your logistics operations today

Streamline your logistics operations today
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Streamline your logistics operations today

Streamline your logistics operations today