Warehouse Management System for SME's

Streamline data entry, increase picking accuracy, automate invoicing and give your customers complete transparency on stock and invoicing.

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Let CartonCloud take care of data management for you

Manage all of your day-to-day complexities with a simple warehouse management system.

Optimise your processes, maximise resources and say yes to new business with a cloud-based WMS. Track inventory updates in real-time to maximise your warehouse storage capacity and keep customers informed. Make picking errors a thing of the past, streamline data input with integrations, and save time with automated invoicing.

Let CartonCloud take care of data management for you
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Warehouse Management Software made by logistics people, for logistics people

Remove pick errors with barcode scanning

Remove pick errors with barcode scanning

Increase picking accuracy with the CartonCloud mobile app partnered with a Bluetooth barcode scanner, and updating inventory data in real-time. Optimise warehouse operations with wave picking automations and save time on order fulfilment.

Increase transparency for your clients

Increase transparency for your clients

View stock reports, stock movement and history with ease. Allow your customers to filter by batch number, expiry date and more, to keep track of inventory levels and status, whenever they like.

Complete invoicing in seconds

Complete invoicing in seconds

Automate complex rate card calculations to generate invoicing without manual data input. Save time and say goodbye to revenue leakage. Simply load in clients details for handling, storage, timing and more, and CartonCloud will automatically process your invoicing for you!

A Warehouse Management System that's easy to use

A Warehouse Management System that's easy to use

Is your paper-reliant stock management making it impossible to onboard new staff, scale your business or take a holiday?

Are you struggling with lost inventory, unused space, picking errors or spending too much time on manual data entry to capture sales orders, consignments and invoicing?

The features you need to grow your business. Our WMS is designed for desktop use with a mobile app for on-the-go functionality. Now you can streamline your workflow with one simple system.

With CartonCloud’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) you can simplify your operations and increase accuracy.

Keep track of stock, automate invoicing, manage warehouse locations, minimise pick errors and optimise operations across the board.

We’re logistics people too, and we’ve worked alongside logistics companies to create a simple and effective warehouse management system designed to simplify your operations, end to end. That's why CartonCloud’s paperless warehouse management system has simple and effective automated features, designed to optimise your day-to-day operations.

Features that simplify the challenges of our industry today

View inventory levels and locations in seconds, onboard new staff with ease, reduce picking errors, produce customer reports instantly and complete invoicing automatically. CartonCloud’s easy to use mobile app is built for both iOS and Android, with a range of features designed for small to medium-sized warehousing, that will let you save time, increase accuracy and optimise your operations. .

Reduce pick errors

Empower your team to optimise workflow for picking and packing. Remove pick errors and increase picking speed using the CartonCloud Mobile App on Android or iOS, paired with a laser barcode scanner to scan pick jobs.

Track inventory in real-time

Keep eyes on inventory levels and locations at all times with real-time stock updates tracked as you work through the mobile app. Say goodbye to lost inventory and draw up to date customer reports with ease.

Wave pick

Save time and pick smarter, with CartonCLoud’s in-built wave pick feature. This allows you to pick items from multiple sales orders at one time, saving your warehouse staff valuable time.

Temperature Zones

Control your storage with greater accuracy. You can set up rules to define what product can be stored where, which can prevent the user from accidentally allocating stock to the wrong location.

Scan move tracking

Simplify storage and keep your inventory data up to date at all times. Easily move stock from one location to another and keep your WMS records up to date with ease, by either scanning or manually entering a label barcode.

With CartonCloud’s WMS software you can do more, with less

Our software built by logistics people, for logistics people.

Complex rate cards

Complex rate cards

Process complicated logic based on your selected events and triggers, and calculate complex rates automatically.

Tablet friendly

Tablet friendly

Warehouses aren’t run from behind a computer. Our web WMS app is optimised iPads and other tablets, designed for warehouse operations you can use on the go.

Mobile app

Mobile app

CartonCloud mobile app for iOS or Android lets you use warehouse barcode scan, picking, packing and order fulfilment features from anywhere.



CartonCloud can handle multiple warehouses across the country and globe, with individual operational stock, orders and users. Take your warehouse business to the next level with CartonCloud’s powerful WMS.

Historic stock

Historic stock

Simply enter a reporting date and click Go. With our cloud-based data management, stock reports are easily available for any historic date.

Stock movement report

Stock movement report

Track movement of a single product or filter by expiry or batch number export an instant, up to date Stock Movement Report.

Simple onboarding and expert support

Simple onboarding and expert support

Our software is designed with ease of use in mind, which makes set-up and onboarding simple for you and your team.

Simplify unit conversions

Simplify unit conversions

Load conversion quantities to automatically scale between unit measurements, such as cartons per pallet, pallets per warehouse location, etc

Warehouse Features
Transport Features
No lock in from $99 per week

No lock-in contracts, we're a SaaS company

Say goodbye to inefficient paper systems and boost productivity, efficiency and customer service with a cloud-based Warehouse Management System.

Slash admin time with automations, optimise warehouse picking and packing and keep track of stock in real-time. Provide better customer service with less effort with online access to their stock reports and order fulfilment tracking. Optimise picking and packing from the warehouse floor with our easy to use mobile application and Bluetooth barcode scanning options.

Do more with the resources you have, and say yes to new business.

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Tom Coyler: I'm proud to be a South Australian, and I wanna share what's good about South Australia with the rest of the world.

I have a dream that we of APF Cold Storage, that one day we'll be a premium supplier of refrigerator services to South Australian producers.

That being anyone that is producing within South Australia, and needs to get it to anywhere around Australia, or exported out of Australia into foreign countries, that we'll be their supplier of choice to provide them those services.

Five to ten years ago, the business was very much one distribution center with a couple of people.

Because everything was paper-based, invoices had to be written manually.

The amount of time spent just simply equating for those charges was unbelievable.
It wasn't even generating a profit at those levels.

We needed automation to make the business sustainable.

When we first started looking for automation as to how to benefit the business, they were talking to over $100,000 to simply get our warehouse system established.

For a small business, we just simply can't afford that.

We had a friendly recommendation that simply said, "What about the guys as CartonCloud?"

Within probably a couple of hours, we had called up, got an appointment to chat to them, and we had a demo of the software, and I was simply blown away.

Our customers are able to log-in, and see exactly what they have.

And as a cold store, we operate much like a bank.

Customers like that security and stock integrity 24/7.

We've managed to streamline our logistics so that when we're doing deliveries, and we get proof of deliveries signed, they instantly get emailed to the customer, which gives them the confidence knowing that it's been delivered on-time and on-temp when they want it to be.

We have customers that suddenly started doing hundreds of cartons pick-per-week.
The customer simply emails the spreadsheet of what needs to be picked, and it's automatically sent through to CartonCloud, which enables our members to use their iPad's to pick the orders effectively using technology and no paperwork.

The automation of CartonCloud is great because we're able to focus now more on how we're growing the business, rather than the ongoings of the business itself.

We have a real desire to give the customer everything they want, and CartonCloud's doing great work to constantly be ahead of the curve when developing software, that I know moving forward, they'll keep up with me, and what my customer needs are.


The automation of CartonCloud is great, because we’re able now to focus on effectively growing the business, rather than the ongoings of the business itself…Our customers can log in and view their stock at any time— they like that security and stock integrity, 24/7.

We have a real desire to give the customer everything they want, and CartonCloud’s doing great work to constantly be ahead of the curve when developing software, that I know moving forward they’ll keep up with me and what my customer needs are.

Tom Coyler
General Manager - APF Cold Storage

We needed 100% picking accuracy, or as close as we could get it, so we needed modern technology, modern software for our warehouse staff to use.

CartonCloud has enabled us to take a business that was losing money and actually turned it into a business that's making money, and is self-sufficient, and relatively easy to run.

It has reduced our overhead by as much as 20 percent and massively improved our accuracy, it has been a massive win for us.

Bruce Walkley
General Manager - B2C Logistics

We're a 3PL warehousing business our core sectors of food customers.

We do dry goods for supermarkets and other businesses.

We do consumer electronics, we also do quite a bit in the cosmetic sector.

So we specialize in probably 3 to 4 main sectors.

We set out at the start that we want to become a proper 3PL operation.

That was our overall objective.

We started with a fairly well known 3PL software which was US based.

It was generic, it wasn't especially what we wanted.

We also found that dealing with a software vendor not on our normal operating hours wasn't ideal, so the customer service angle wasn't great for us.

At the same time our business was evolving.

So suddenly we had 40 clients and we had supermarkets.

We were basically picking, packing 16 hours a day.

We needed 100% picking accuracy or as close to as we could get it.

So we needed modern technology, modern software for our warehouse staff to use.

So we spent a lot of time looking for products.

And we came across CartonCloud, and it was absolutely the solution in terms of technology and usability for our people in our warehouse that we were looking for.

We used to have people manually inputing sales orders, manually inputing purchase orders and not really being able to keep up.

To be able to have automation, integration with sales orders, electronically, purchase orders, efficiency in picking, we've turned an unprofitable operation into a profitable one.

And we probably had a reduction of four full time equipment in terms of head count.

It's reduced our overhead by as much as 20%, and massively improved our accuracy.

It's been a massive win for us.

What CartonCloud has enabled us to take a business that was losing money and actually turned it into a business that's making money, and is self sufficient, and relatively easy to run.

And we did it and we didn't miss a beat in doing it.

WMS Scalability

Take on more work, with less effort

How would you spend your time if invoicing was automated, and done in seconds?

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We keep it simple

We keep it simple

At CartonCloud our mission is to help you optimise your business, with purpose-built WMS software that lets you do more with less. We’re constantly developing our WMS software so it's easy to use and continues to help you streamline your operations.

And value user feedback

And value user feedback

We know having logistics experts design features has huge advantages, which is why we take user feedback seriously. To make giving feedback easy for you, we’ve built an ideas portal online, where you can submit ideas on how we can improve the user experience or build additional features.

Do more with the time and resources you have

We’re the go-to software for SME warehousing for one reason — our software works. With CartonCloud you can slash admin time, reduce business overheads, and increase efficiency.

Change the way you work, with CartonCloud’s integrated warehouse management system. Try warehouse management software designed by logistics people, for logistics people.

Do more with the time and resources you have

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Revolutionise the way you work.

Say goodbye to lost paperwork, know where your stock is at any time, from anywhere, exceed customer expectations, and ensure accuracy with barcode scanning.

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