3 Things to Expect from your Logistics App

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Getting started with a logistics app might be ideal for your small or medium-sized transport business. The features available do vary a lot between the few premium software providers today.

3 Things to Expect from your Logistics App

Hold high expectations for your Logistics App

We’ve built arguably one of Australia and New Zealand’s best logistics apps available. With thousands of users, we’re here to stay. We’re going to outline 3 things that you should be expecting from our very own competitors.

1. Fast driver uptake

Whilst it’s very efficient to invest into an application, if driver’s aren’t happy with it, then the excitement will soon wear off. We would recommend a logistics app where you’re mostly likely get drivers up to speed quickly.

But how? With these key elements:

  1. An easy to use fleet-wide app
  2. Proper training for all users.

If an app is easy to learn and easy to use, then drivers will stick with it.

The design should have clean lines, big buttons and large writing, with minimal advanced options. We like the simplified approach for delivery drivers, with more advanced options available for fleet controllers and managers.

Driver training is another important element. Any app provider should sit down in-house and train drivers on how to use the application. Not only that, but you should add this training into your Standard Operating Procedures and induction materials.

Prime example: Drivers who were previously against any type of technology, have only months later found it much less appealing to pick up pen and paper. If you keep it simplified and easy, most will readily get on board.

2. Full route planning

Better planning of your daily delivery routes is a massive drawcard for those looking at investing into a logistics app. Some of the best in the marketplace allow fleet controllers or drivers themselves to manage their daily runs.

Some benefits include reducing exposure to peak hour traffic or school zones. You can also better coordinate pickups after dropouts. This will reduce not only fuel expenses, but toll fees and maximize the financial return of each driver.

You should also expect to plan routes based on zones or type of freight on board. Our own clients find they can best utilize their available pallet spaces, with their drivers less required to do overtime or experience excess traffic and congestion.

Prime example: We’ve seen some clients who were looking to purchase an additional truck, merely find improvements using CartonCloud. This has resulted in cost savings in the hundreds of thousands, simply because of a decision to get on board with a robust application.

3. Advanced features and integrations

You should expect so much more from your logistics app than just digital Proof of Deliveries.

Customers should be able to see their order status online, without needing to call your in-bound team. A simple login allows them to see if an order has been picked, packed and on its way, with an estimated time.

Drivers should be able to input significantly more data than just a name, date and signature. Some logistics apps such as CartonCloud allow freight photos, geographical location and freight temperature.

Fleet controllers can tap in and get feedback on the whereabouts and status of each truck or van. Not only that, but can allocate additional pickups or drop offs on the fly, with no need to pick up the phone.

Accounts team members should be able see past and current delivery data, with invoicing automatically applied. With the application, it should permit them to make changes on the fly, including the allocation of charges of hand deliveries vs forklift unloads.

Lastly, managerial teams should have a birdseye view. The transport application should seamlessly integrate with a warehouse and inventory management system. They should be able to readily identify key bottlenecks and areas for improvement.

Prime example: Many of our clients were looking for a basic online logistics system, only to later realize the many advanced features which we have available. Many of these can reduce overheads and improve efficiency.

Next steps

Logistics apps vary in price and efficiency. We’ve created one of the top logistics applications in the industry, backed by real world experience. We previously ran a successful operation in Sydney, long before starting CartonCloud.

We’re pioneers in this industry. Just like you, we’re committed for the long haul. Get in touch with us today as we’re keen to maximize the most out of your fleet via our easy-to-integrate and reliable application.

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Streamline your logistics operations today

Streamline your logistics operations today
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Streamline your logistics operations today

Streamline your logistics operations today